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Friday, December 21, 2001


State budget cuts for current year affect Carlisle

When the dust settled after the skirmishing between the governor and legislature over this year's state budget, the town got word last week that, with five months of this fiscal year already passed, actual state aid will be about $100,000 less than had been estimated on "cherry sheets" received last July. The cuts consist of about $2,600 less aid from the lottery, a reduction of over $26,000 in Chapter 90 highway funds, $71,000 less for payments in lieu of taxes on state-owned land, and small cuts in other categories.

Next year the reductions in local aid are expected to be even more severe. Chapter 90 funds which reimburse towns for road projects have already been drastically reduced from prior years, and next year they will go down to zero. The Town of Carlisle has a backlog of projects for which funding from prior years remains committed, so work on these projects will not be slowed. However, town officials warn that if the funding freeze holds, eventually there will be no funds for road maintenance.

Neither the FinCom nor selectmen have yet determined what to do about this year's state revenue cuts. The FinCom, at their December 12 meeting, agreed the losses might be made up by limiting discretionary spending between now and the close of the fiscal year.

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