The Carlisle Mosquito Online

Friday, December 21, 2001


The Christmas Spirit

Let us gather The Christmas Spirit
As nearer we come to the day
When Jesus was born in a manger
Many long years gone away.
The word is a light with his presence
Let us celebrate hearts full of love
As He taught us to love one another
Let us look to His home up above.
The tree has been decked out in beauty
And gifts are all wrapped up so gay
With ribbons and bows oh so lovely
Awaiting this Christmas Day.
It's the day for families to gather
A day full of love and cheer
Let us give more love than money
With a war looming ever so near.
Oh for peace for a world so in turmoil
Lift our prayers for world peace to come
It's the wish that should be above others
In the hearts of us all - everyone.

2001 The Carlisle Mosquito