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Friday, December 14, 2001


"It's not that easy to get rid of manure," objected Peter Morey, veterinarian and abutter to the property owned by Joseph Campagna at 964 River Road. Campagna was before the board of appeals (BOA) on December 6 requesting a special permit to board six horses at his yet-to-be-built barn, and manure was a big part of the discussion. That and several other unresolved issues prompted the board to deny the application. The denial was "without prejudice," permitting Campagna to re-apply at any time. ...more

"It's not our job to act as a court hearing," said chair John Ballantine as the selectmen tried to sort through the "different perspectives" and possible remedies for the illegal tree cutting at the intersection of River and Bedford Roads. Two weeks ago property owner Joseph Campagna cut down a number of trees within the town's right of way on Bedford Road (Route 225) and in the area along River Road protected by the scenic roads bylaw. After hearing heated objections from several abutters and reviewing Campagna's plan to remedy the landscape, the selectmen, at their meeting on Wednesday night, directed Campagna to the planning board, which has jurisdiction over scenic roads. ...more

· 698 Concord Street Engineer Richard Harrington, representing the Carlisle Historical Society, presented a site plan of the Heald House property, the society's new location at 698 Concord Street. The board of health wanted to make sure that the plans did not include a museum with high traffic. Harrington explained that the society would store artifacts, and only hold meetings at pre-scheduled times. The only change to the property is that the swimming pool will be filled in and the fence will be removed. Although the well is located only 41 feet from the 1970 septic tank and 131 feet from the leaching field, tests on the well show no coliform contamination. ...more

The newly appointed CCHS Space Utilization Advisory Committee has begun to tackle the difficult tasks related to the building plans and needs of the high school. The committee has been charged to review previous recommendations, inventory all space and it's uses, assess and prioritize maintenance needs and study enrollment and population projections. Preliminary findings will be presented to the Regional School Committee in early spring, with a final report due in June. ...more

· Notes from Davida. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said the preschool-kindergarten playground fund is very close to reaching the amount needed to start construction. She praised the efforts of Holly Salemy, Rich Colman and Kim Rusling-Flynn. ...more

Memories of the recession of the early '90s seemed to hover like ghosts over a December 5 meeting of the Carlisle Finance Committee (FinCom) and the first public discussion of the Carlisle Public School's request for an 11% to 14% increase in the budget for fiscal year 2003 (FY03). The FinCom guideline for next year's budget was 5%. ...more

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