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Friday, December 14, 2001


Ming Tsai, chef/owner of Blue Ginger Restaurant and award-winning host of two TV Food Network cooking shows, will again serve as Honored Emcee of "Tastes of our Towns." The event, hailed as "metro-West's premiere food event" supports the programs of Concord Family and Youth Services (CFYS). ...more

Carol Davis connects Carlisle to Central America

Carol Davis of Milne Cove Lane brings a taste of Central America to our area. Perhaps you saw Carol at Pig n' Pepper. Or maybe you saw her at Old Home Day or at the annual FRS Greens Sale at Union Hall. She was the one selling the beautiful handcrafted items from Guatemala and El Salvador. What you may not have realized is that Carol represents a success for many self-supporting communities in those countries. Carol is a member of Crispaz, which stands for Christians for Peace in El Salvador. The organization was founded in 1984, and is dedicated to supporting fair trade for the craftspeople from Guatemala and El Salvador. By buying the beautiful brightly painted wood crafts, beaded jewelry, toys, greeting cards, handbags and other woven goods, you are providing a living for families who work locally in their own regions, receive fair wages, and invest their incomes in their communities. ...more

Many of us believe that three is a lucky number. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't, but did you ever notice how many things appear to come in threes? Here are a few that come to mind. ...more

Bradford Washburn recalls mapping McKinley, Everest

The Hollis Room at the library was packed to capacity on Sunday afternoon to hear a talk and slide show by Dr. Bradford Washburn of Lexington. Washburn was the founder and long-time director of the Boston Museum of Science. He is also an accomplished mountaineer and cartographer. He constructed the bas relief map of the Mt. McKinley area that has been in the science museum since I was a teenager. ...more

The Appearance of Snow - a poem

Barbara Bennet

Carlisle School Held a Winter Concert on Tuesday, Dec 11 - photos

by Cynthia Sorn

A Change of Season - photos

by Midge Eliassen

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