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Friday, December 14, 2001


Shorts from the board of health

· 698 Concord Street Engineer Richard Harrington, representing the Carlisle Historical Society, presented a site plan of the Heald House property, the society's new location at 698 Concord Street. The board of health wanted to make sure that the plans did not include a museum with high traffic. Harrington explained that the society would store artifacts, and only hold meetings at pre-scheduled times. The only change to the property is that the swimming pool will be filled in and the fence will be removed. Although the well is located only 41 feet from the 1970 septic tank and 131 feet from the leaching field, tests on the well show no coliform contamination.

· Daisy's Market food permit.A public hearing was held to discuss the food permit for Daisy's Market in the center of the town. Daisy's agreed to a pizza preparation schedule which would involve not holding cooked pizzas more that four hours. Pizzas are prepared beginning at 10:15 a.m. and any left- over pizzas would be discarded after 2:15 p.m. Also at issue was an open shelf exposed to an unfinished ceiling in the basement used for storage. Daisy's agreed to rearrange the shelf area so that stored items would not be exposed to the ceiling. The board of health conditionally granted a food permit with a variance for both of these items.

· Septic installation winter cut-off The board of health has a rule that all septic installations must stop after November 30 and not resume again until March. Each year there are some installers who attempt to complete installations after November 30. Builder Michael Kenney was present at the meeting to beg for mercy for the installation at lot 19A Swanson Lane. Kenney had begun two septic installations on November 14 and was only able to complete one. Board chairman Steve Opolski explained that the board wished to be firm in this matter, and would give Kenney an extension this time but "would not be so kind if he were to show up next year" with a similar request. Kenney said, "There never, ever will be a next time."

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