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Friday, December 14, 2001

Another idea - Sell it!

To the Editor:

Mary Keeler had a good idea for an alternative to sinking millions of dollars into the current outdated elementary school. Sell it.

Yes! Sell it to a clever developer (maybe someone from town) who appreciates the need for a community center, affordable housing and elderly housing. Sell the site to someone who can transform the current building footprint into an aesthetically pleasing compound. Let the clever developer worry about the waste treatment plant.

Take the money and go find another site for a brand new school. Maybe the clever developer can even help with that. The new school doesn't have to be in the "center" of town. Let the kids have a playground, maybe some trees, how about a music room bigger than a closet?

The current school site is a perfect location for a town community center. Elderly housing apartments could be designed along with affordable housing units. The parking lot would service these units and the clever developer could really turn this site into an area the town would be very pleased with.

It's a thought...

Sam Coursey
Westford Street

Happy helmet ending

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago I dropped off a helmet at the swap shop thinking it was an old snowmobile helmet. However, it was my son's motorcycle helmet. Trying to get it back I posted some notices around town. Much to my pleasant surprise I received a call the other night from the couple that had picked up the helmet, and today I retrieved the helmet from them. I would like to use this forum to publicly thank Lyn and Allen Carpenito for their generosity and to let the citizens of this town know what fine neighbors they have in Carlisle.

Ken Waite
Bedford Road

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