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Friday, December 14, 2001

"It's not our job to act as a court hearing," said chair John Ballantine as the selectmen tried to sort through the "different perspectives" and possible remedies for the illegal tree cutting at the intersection of River and Bedford Roads. Two weeks ago property owner Joseph Campagna cut down a number of trees within the town's right of way on Bedford Road (Route 225) and in the area along River Road protected by the scenic roads bylaw. After hearing heated objections from several abutters and reviewing Campagna's plan to remedy the landscape, the selectmen, at their meeting on Wednesday night, directed Campagna to the planning board, which has jurisdiction over scenic roads. ...more

"It's not that easy to get rid of manure," objected Peter Morey, veterinarian and abutter to the property owned by Joseph Campagna at 964 River Road. Campagna was before the board of appeals (BOA) on December 6 requesting a special permit to board six horses at his yet-to-be-built barn, and manure was a big part of the discussion. That and several other unresolved issues prompted the board to deny the application. The denial was "without prejudice," permitting Campagna to re-apply at any time. ...more

Bradford Washburn recalls mapping McKinley, Everest

The Hollis Room at the library was packed to capacity on Sunday afternoon to hear a talk and slide show by Dr. Bradford Washburn of Lexington. Washburn was the founder and long-time director of the Boston Museum of Science. He is also an accomplished mountaineer and cartographer. He constructed the bas relief map of the Mt. McKinley area that has been in the science museum since I was a teenager. ...more

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