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Friday, December 7, 2001


"At no time in the past has the media normalized violence and negative relationship patterns to the degree it does today," said Catherine Steiner-Adair at the Education Forum December 1. "The task of adolescents is to join the culture at large," she observed, noting a "toxic media environment" has made that journey fraught with peril. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) renewed the license that permits farmer Mark Duffy to grow and harvest corn for his Great Brook Farm cattle on approximately 18 of the 57 acres at the town's Foss Farm multi-use parcel. The dairyman was present to give an accounting of his stewardship of the tract, along with representatives of the Carlisle Recreation Commission (RecCom) and School Committee, who have expressed a strong interest in using some portion of the property for athletic fields. ...more

· NOI­Hart Farm Road. James and Linda White, owners of Lot 6, Hart Farm Road and engineer George Dimakarakis presented the Notice of Intent showing the conservation commission revised plans that would add a swimming pool to the grounds of a house under construction. The pool, which will have a mechanical cover to keep out curious children and animals, will be 54 feet from the wetland at its closest point. Commissioner Jon Beakley pointed out that the construction would be compliant with the commission's proposed bylaw revision and recommended that it be approved at the December 13 ConsCom continuation hearing. ...more

Last Friday, November 16, Carlisle resident Joe Campagna of Bedford Road, who was clearing his property at the corner of Bedford and River Roads in order to erect a horse barn, cut trees on land abutting River Road in violation of the scenic roads bylaw. The clearing appears to have continued after visits by the police to advise Campagna of a possible violation. The penalty, to be determined at a meeting with the selectmen on December 11, could involve fines or other compensation for the loss of mature trees. ...more

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