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Friday, December 7, 2001


Heard around town

"Harry Potter: Which did you like better the book or the movie?"

Carlisle Mosquito reporter Anne Marie Brako asked Carlisle residents about their reactions to the Harry Potter books and movie. On November 24, November 30, and December 1 she stopped readers randomly outside the Gleason Library and Daisy's Market.
Kris Bergenheim, Palmer Way, read the first book and saw the movie, which as "Piqued her interest in reading more."
"I always prefer books, and that's just a preference. I prefer just imagining things in my own head. I thought the movie was really good at portraying it, but the movie was lighter in portraying it. Hogwarts was friendlier."
Deb Lyneis read all four books and plans to see the movie soon.
"We lived in England, and we have English copies of the book which use different vocabulary, and I think it's a shame that they didn't also let American kids learn a new vocabulary. We're also familiar with a lot of the places where it was filmed. The scene with the cauldron takes place in Leighcock Abbey in Wiltshire where we actually spent the night as a guest of the owner."
Jen, CCHS junior

"Definitely the book! I thought the movie was good compared to other movies that I've seen based on books that I've read, but I like the books because they're longer and more descriptive and you can't fit the entire story into a two-hour movie."
Warren Spence, Carroll Drive read the first two books and saw the movie.
"I liked the book, but I also liked the movie. I liked that the movie brought out things in the book which I maybe didn't imagine the same way. I thought the movie was very well done. It was exact to the book."
Jon, seventh grade, read all four books and saw the movie
"I think the books are more descriptive, and in the movie they skipped a lot of scenes that made the end. I liked the book more."
Ryan, seventh grade, read the first book and saw the movie
"I liked the book better than the movie because it was more exciting. I thought it was better written. I could imagine it better than I could see it. I would start reading, and then I would forget I was reading. I'd just be in the place."
Alex, fourth grade read all four books and saw the movie
"I liked the book better because it was much more descriptive and you could actually be inside Harry's thoughts instead of the movie which was just the talking. I thought they shouldn't have edited the two scenes at the end out because they weren't really long."

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