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Friday, November 30, 2001


A near-capacity crowd filled the Corey Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Tuesday evening for the Special Town Meeting, drawn by the provocative possibilities of a new school on the Banta-Davis Land and affordable housing in the Town Forest. ...more

"Many expected that this would be the feature presentation of the evening," began selectmen Tim Hult, as he proceeded to withdraw Article 7 at the Special Town Meeting on Tuesday night. The Article, which had been placed by the board of selectmen, had asked for funds for an engineering study and site analysis to prepare a plan for multiuse of the land. ...more

Oxfam America president Ray Offenheiser gave fellow Carlisleans a wide-ranging overview of the challenges facing humanitarian organizations like his own in Afghanistan as well as the dilemmas that confront those responsible for American foreign policy post-September 11. ...more

Nationally recognized author, educator and psychologist, Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair will speak at the upcoming Carlisle Education Forum. This year's topic is: How to Avoid Courting Disaster: Encouraging Healthy Relationships among Children and Teens in a Less than Healthy Media Culture. Dr. Steiner-Adair has been the Director of Education, Prevention and Outreach at the Harvard Eating Disorders Center and is one of the nation's leading authorities on media messages and child and teen development. She is the principal investigator and co-author of "Full of Ourselves: Advancing Girl Power, Health and Leadership," a program promoting the healthy development of girls. ...more

Reunion. The act of reuniting. On the morning of November twenty-third, on the steps of the Highland Building, members of the classes that graduated from the Carlisle Public School in 1983, '84, and '85 met to open a "time capsule"a Rubbermaid barrelthat we had buried with the help of our teachers in the spring of 1983. Some of those teachers returned too. They stood in the breezy sunshine on the southwest corner of a school campus which had helped to shape all of our realities. Reunite. To come together again. ...more

At MAGIC's (Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination) November 12 meeting in Maynard, members told MPO (Metropolitan Planning Office) representative Gordon Feltman of Bedford to stand firm and request from MPO a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding a funding floor for local road and bridge projects. MPO's federal funds could be lost or curtailed if it does not receive a 2/3 endorsement vote from the MPO membership. Thus, the MOU is essentially a risky bargaining chip which makes MAGIC's endorsement of MPO conditional upon a letter of intent or memorandum of understanding assuring a funding floor. Mass Highway Department (MHD) and EOTC (Executive Office of Transportation and Construction) have adamantly rejected either a letter of understanding or a statement of intent about a funding floor. This has created an impasse in negotiations leading to approval of the MPO organization and the consequent flow of federal monies. Feltman, who came to the MAGIC meeting directly from a six-hour negotiation at MPO, said "If the MOU doesn't carry, we go over the cliff that feds have warned about." ...more

The Teacher Mentor Program helps sustain the culture of educational excellence at the Carlisle Public School. Recently developed by school steering committee members, teachers Jenn Putnam, Gene Stamell, Sara Bysshe, Susan Fitzgerald, Steve Bober, Ann James and Paula Ewers, and principal Andy Goyer, its mission is "to promote the professional development of new teaching staff by fostering collegiality, encouraging reflective practices, and creating a culture of support within a community of learners." Veteran teachers are made available to help new teachers feel supported and become familiar with the staff and ways of the Carlisle school system. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said, "We are so lucky to have people of this caliber transmitting the culture in the Carlisle School." ...more

School building committee member Beth Hambleton resigned this week after serving six years on the committee established to expand Carlisle's K-8 school to meet the needs of an increasing school-age population. ...more

As the Carlisle School grapples with an increasing number of students, a new space utilization committee was formed last month to come up with ways to deal with the impact of the growth on facilities, students, staff and the quality of life at the school. ...more

· School web page. At its meeting on November 20, the Carlisle School Committee adopted an interim web page publishing policy with the understanding that it is to be reviewed and revised as experience dictates. The official Carlisle School web site has a twofold purpose: to make available instructional materials and resources for students and staff and to inform the Carlisle community and others who wish to learn about the school curriculum, school-authorized activities and other facts relating to the Carlisle Public School. To protect privacy there will be no links to any personal information on students. The policy also states that identifiable photos and students' full names will not be used on public web pages. ...more

On a crisp fall afternoon, the Concord-Carlisle soccer girls met a traditionally tough Lincoln team in probably the best game of the season. In the first half, Concord-Carlisle had several good chances to score, but were stopped by an alert Lincoln keeper. Despite the efforts of keeper Anna Parrott, Lincoln slipped two goals past momentary defensive lapses to go up 2-0 at the half. ...more

The Concord-Carlisle Boys Under 12 Strikers finished the soccer season with two strong performances against division leading Woburn and North Reading teams. Early in the season, a skilled and disciplined Woburn team dominated the Strikers 6-1. In the return match at Emerson Field, which Woburn won 3-1, the Striker defense held up admirably despite consistent pressure. The Woburn attack included numerous two and three pass penetrations, as well several perfectly placed corner kicks, two of which resulted in goals. ...more

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