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Friday, November 30, 2001


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee

· School web page. At its meeting on November 20, the Carlisle School Committee adopted an interim web page publishing policy with the understanding that it is to be reviewed and revised as experience dictates. The official Carlisle School web site has a twofold purpose: to make available instructional materials and resources for students and staff and to inform the Carlisle community and others who wish to learn about the school curriculum, school-authorized activities and other facts relating to the Carlisle Public School. To protect privacy there will be no links to any personal information on students. The policy also states that identifiable photos and students' full names will not be used on public web pages.

· Early retirement. Superintendent Fox-Melanson commented that the anticipated early retirements will affect the school considerably. The early retirement list on file at the school business office includes:



Dave Mayall
Margaret Bruell, Linda Clark,
Paula Ewers, Davida Fox-
Melanson, David Negrin,
Carolyn Platt, Jim Trierweiler
Ann James, Bill Tate
Sara Bysshe, Daryl Greenwood,
Phil LaPalme, Tom O'Halloran

· School library policy. Library media specialist Sandy Kelly presented an updated version of the school library policy, noting that all changes are based on policies adopted by the American Library Association. CSC members Dockterman and Crowther discussed with the other members of the school committee the problems involved if someone decides to challenge a resource link or the quality of filtering services used by the school. Kelly answered, "There are some good well-screened library data bases. We can't filter everything but we can't let our guard down. It is important for the students to learn and evaluate the quality of a search on the Internet. They need to learn that not all information found on the Internet is good information."

· Use of school buildings. The Carlisle Congregational Church has requested use of school buildings every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for approximately one year beginning December 2. The rooms requested are six classrooms in the Wilkins Building, Corey Auditorium, Corey exercise room and the Corey dining room. Superintendent Fox-Melanson said the Congregational Church has agreed to comply with all regulations and insurance. She noted the school has done this for other churches and "the Congregational Church has been a good neighbor."

· Marguerite Grant. A picture of Mrs. Marguerite Grant, a Carlisle resident and teacher for whom the Grant Building was named, has been donated for the school to hang in her honor.

· FY03 budget. The Carlisle Finance Committee has recommended a five percent guideline for the FY03 budget. Business manager Eileen Riley stated that the draft version of the FY03 budget shows an 11.62 percent increase, which provides level service with some reductions. Fox-Melanson pointed out that the school has some additional special needs and outplacement requests and that the number of students to enter kindergarten is still unknown. The largest increase in the proposed budget involves contractual benefits for teacher early retirement.

· Next meeting. The next Carlisle School Committee meeting will be held on December 4.

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