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Friday, November 30, 2001


Mosquito's Forum staff adds new voices to diverse chorus

As most Mosquito readers know, page two is reserved for opinions and personal comments in the form of editorials, letters to the editor, and Forum essays. Forum writers are appointed by the Board of Carlisle Communications, Inc., publisher of the Mosquito, to provide independent commentary. Their contributions are based solely on what happens to be on their minds, without input, suggestions or review by the paper's editors.

The Forum staff includes: (front row, left to right) Phil Drew, Ellen Miller, JoRita Jordan, Heather Hedden, Rik Blum, and Forum editor Bob Rothenberg, (second row) Claude Von Roesgen, David Freedman, Parkman Howe, Mark Green and Michael Fitzgerald. Missing from the photo is Greg Wayland.

(Photo by Mike Quayle)

In recent years, the Forum staff has consisted of 12 Carlisle writers and a coordinator, resulting in three or four essays per writer per year. Topics have ranged from pastoral to practical to political, and styles have varied from serious to sensitive to satiric. Some provide quiet food for thought, while others generate sparks of controversy and supporting or opposing letters to the editor.

Four new voices, those of David Freedman, Ellen Miller, Heather Hedden and Michael Fitzgerald, have been added to the staff, replacing retiring writers Jim Sparks, Kathy Coyle, Al Powers and Nancy Weiss.

Jim's down-to-earth observations of Carlisle life and his views on health care issues have been Forum favorites for almost 12 years. Kathy, who also serves as the Mosquito's police and fire log and MAGIC reporter, has been a strong voice for regional planning and preservation of Carlisle's character. Al wrote mainly about the teenagers he's taught and counseled at CCHS for so many years, and of flaws in MCAS testing. Nancy focused on what makes a community, and advocated for tolerance, civility and community-enhancing values and facilities.

David Freedman and his wife and kids moved to Carlisle from midtown Manhattan. He is a graphic designer, amateur birdwatcher and builder of stone walls. He reads The New Yorker and the Mosquito, listens to NPR, watches The Simpsons, plays softball, serves on the youth commission and attends Town Meeting.

Heather (Behn) Hedden grew up in Carlisle and began her journalistic career drawing illustrations for the Mosquito at the age of eight. Her articles on international travels during her college years also appeared in these pages. Heather served for one year as a staff writer in the Middle East Times' Cairo bureau, and currently works part time in the library and information science field.

Ellen Miller is a contributor to several newsletters, and is co-author of a forthcoming book on British writer Barbara Pym. She recently retired from Harvard Law School, where she held administrative positions in publications and media services. As head of the Carlisle Oral History Project, she records town history as told by the residents who grew up here. Ellen also volunteers as a Mosquito proofreader.

Michael Fitzgerald grew up in Concord, where he developed a keen sense of civic responsibility at an early age. He recently served two termsas a Carlisle Selectman, and before that was a two-term member of the finance committee. He is currently a member of the school building committee.

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