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Friday, November 23, 2001


Restoration and preservation of antiquities has emerged as a chief concern of the Carlisle Historical Society. Almost a third of the group's 160 members attended a presentation by independent curator Valarie Kincade entitled "Caring for Your Decorative Arts Collection" on Wednesday, November 7, at the Gleason Library. The society recently acquired the Captain Samuel Heald Homestead, also known as Coppermine Farm, at 698 Concord Street and the members are interested in maximizing preservation of the town's artifacts currently in storage, as well as their own personal items. ...more

Lines snake around the velvet ropes, and if you look closely, you'll see a number of people, especially the shorter ones, with lightning-bolt markings on their foreheads. Many wear long black capes, glitter catches the light, and even a few wands are visible. Five minutes after the doors to the theater open, every seat is taken. Everybody fidgets through the endless previews-of-coming-attractions, and then the whole room breaks out in wild applause: Harry Potter is here at last! ...more

We heard about Atara from my daughter. She recommended the food highly and this proved to be correct. If you want an evening out with imaginative food, Atara can fill the bill. It is located on the upper section of Commonwealth Avenue and the parking is pretty much non-existent, but they have an efficient valet service that solves this problem. ...more

At Concord-Carlisle High School, student athletes from Carlisle have long been known for making their presence felt on the high school's athletic teams, and this fall season was no exception. Whether using strength, grit and iron on the football, soccer and field hockey teams to endurance, grace and focus on the cross-country, volleyball and golf teams, Carlisle was there. ...more

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