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Friday, November 23, 2001


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee

· Notes of appreciation. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson started the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting on November 6 by reading a letter from an anonymous "appreciative Carlisle family," informing the school that a financial grant has been made to the music department "as a way of expressing our appreciation for the outstanding programs under the direction of Tom O'Halloran." The amount was not specified, but Fox-Melanson said it was several thousand dollars. O'Halloran, attending the meeting for a presentation, received a round of applause.

She then read a letter from the Carlisle Police Department to Catherine Pringle, the choral director for the Carlisle Public School. In the letter police chief David Galvin and fire chief Bob Koning thanked Ms. Pringle for the October Memorial Concert.

The Carlisle School Association was thanked for generously sponsoring the several cultural arts programs recently seen at the school.

· School transition committee. CSC committee member David Dockterman listed the members of the interim space (crunch) committee. Members are David Dockterman, Davida Fox-Melanson, Eileen Riley, David Flannery, Dale Ryder, Joan Konuk, Andrea Proctor, Bill Tate, Gene Stamell, Patricia Comeau and Mimi Chandler as alternate.

· Special ed evaluation. Linda Stapp, director of special support services, discussed the review by the Massachusetts Department of Education of the special education program at the Carlisle Public School. This is a required evaluation, done for all Massachusetts schools on a rotating six-year basis. Stapp reported the Carlisle School program was rated either "implemented" or "commendable" in most areas. Stapp was commended for the excellent work her department has done, especially in communicating with parents and including special education students in all areas of the school. "Inclusion is working," said CSC member Suzanne Whitney Smith.

· CPS FY03 budget. School business manager Eileen Riley presented a brief summary of the preliminary FY03 budget. She noted that approximately 15 teachers are eligible for early retirement over the next three years, which could have financial impact . This year's second and fourth grade classes are very large and will require a fifth class for each grade next year.

Riley also said she was bringing a message from the selectmen that they do not want to see an override this year and that there is a strong feeling in the community about the financial situation of the country. Fox-Melanson responded that they are required, based on the Concord Finance Committee's proposed levy increase, to request an override. The Carlisle Finance Committee has suggested a preliminary guideline for developing FY'03 budgets. Fox-Melanson noted that the recommended five percent would not enable the school to maintain programs on a level with this year.

The committee determined it would prepare a line-item budget, showing all expenses, including the new state-required water tank.

· CCHS FY03 budget. CSC member Cindy Nock explained the two guidelines given by the Concord Finance Committee for Carlisle's portion of the Concord-Carlisle High School budget. The committee said there would be a levy increase of one percent because of a jump in our portion of enrollment. This increase would require an override of the proposition 2-1/2 levy limits for FY03. Concord is also planning for an override request at their Town Meeting.

Nock said the high school space utilization committee had its first meeting.

· Carlisle Web Page Task Force. Dockterman reported the Carlisle Web Page Task Force has developed a web page publishing policy, including a sign-off sheet for web-publishing and posting. Concerns were raised about using student names and photos. Dockterman mentioned the Wellesley School web site, which has photos without student names. More discussion will be held about the privacy issue.

· Next CSC meeting. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 20.

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