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Friday, November 23, 2001


Carlisle athletes shine in CCHS' successful fall sports season

At Concord-Carlisle High School, student athletes from Carlisle have long been known for making their presence felt on the high school's athletic teams, and this fall season was no exception. Whether using strength, grit and iron on the football, soccer and field hockey teams to endurance, grace and focus on the cross-country, volleyball and golf teams, Carlisle was there.

Boys soccer: a success story

The boys soccer team played their hearts out in a highly successful 2001 campaign. Their league record was an impressive 11-3-2, and they were playing for the league title on the last game of the regular season. Five players from Carlisle were on the team: goalkeeper Joe Martini, stopper Mike Meldonian, midfielders Lucas Bennett and Brian Walsh and defender Sam Gould. Bennett, a sophomore, with juniors Meldonian and Martini will return next year for another season. Seniors Walsh and Gould were two of the most dedicated players on the team. Walsh is often described as "the most spirited player" on the squad by his teammates, and Gould was a Dual-County League all-star and was tri-captain of the team. The team qualified for the state tournament and lost in the second round to Woburn, winners of 43 in a row. Their season was one of success and will not be soon forgotten.

Sam Gould (center), a Dual-County League all-star and one of the tri-captains of the boys soccer team, helped achieve an impressive league record for the Patriots, 11-3-2.

Sophomore Lucas Bennett redirects the ball down the field.

Football: power and finesse

The football team has also enjoyed success this season, playing hard to a 6-3 record with the season ending on Thanksgiving Day. Carlisle seniors Jeff Luoma, Dave Rouse and Andy Stone provided power on defense, while Carlisle juniors Peter Hantzis and Greg Roberts provided finesse on offense. Stone supplied stability on the defensive line, while Rouse and Luoma guarded against the pass game as safeties. Luoma was even described by the captain as "the best athlete on the team." On offense, Roberts made it a habit of making jaw-dropping catches as wide receiver. Hantzis meanwhile was as reliable as high school kickers come. After Roberts caught a touchdown pass, the team was always confident Hantzis would sail the ball through the uprights for the extra point. Together, these five were vital to the success of this year's team.

Jeff Luoma, a senior defenseman, was a vital player for the CCHS football team.
Andy Stone supplied stability on the defensive line.

Volleyball and golf: solo artists

The volleyball and golf teams each had only one athlete from Carlisle on their rosters: Jenn Woodward and Aaron Pinsky. Woodward was an exceptional outside hitter on the volleyball team, and was named to the Dual-County League all-star team as a junior this year. She's been on the team since her freshman year, and is an easy pick for captain next year. Pinsky, a senior on the golf team, helped the team to a winning record this season. With a solid short game and consistent putting, he added further stability to the lineup. Neither team would have had as many triumphs without these two athletes.

Aaron Pinsky provided the golf team with a solid short game and consistent putting.

Cross-country: undefeated

This year's cross-country team has experienced an unforgettable season, which included not only an undefeated regular season, but also a trip to the state final. Four Carlisle athletes: Quentin Hart, Eric Pedersen, Andrew Mancini and Sean Carroll-Cronin contributed to the team's amazing success. Pedersen, a senior, along with juniors Hart, Mancini and Carroll-Cronin, have enjoyed numerous victories the past couple years on what have all been dominant teams, but this year's team is special. Since 1992, Gloucester has emerged from the EMass finals victorious eight years in a row, but in the fall of 2001 they finished in second to none other than Concord-Carlisle High School. Four Carlisle athletes, who make up half the team, made this dream a reality. Without their dedication and determination, a victory of this magnitude would have been unreachable.

Sean Carroll-Cronin, formerly of Carlisle, helped the cross-country team take the EMass finals.

Heading towards the finish line, Carlisle runners (l-r) are Eric Pedersen, Andrew Mancini and Quentin Hart.

Field hockey: the finals

The field hockey team included within its ranks four athletes from Carlisle: Alexis Webster, Alison Robart, Kristina Coscia and Jazen Jacobellis. Jacobellis, a junior, will return next year to be a solid player on what promises to be a competitive team. Webster, Robart and Coscia however are all seniors, and have been playing field hockey together for four years. Along with the Concord seniors they were known for their leadership qualities and helped keep he team dedicated and focused the entire season. They will surely all be remembered for their desire to win and positive attitude, and this spirit will hopefully shine just as bright for next year's crew. They all had fun during the 2001 season, their finale together.

Alexis Webster (l), one of three seniors from Carlisle on the field hockey team, moves the ball down the field with help from a Concord teammate.

In the end, Carlisle athletes helped contribute to six CCHS athletic teams this fall. Four of those teams were driven, in part by Carlisle athletes, to winning records and fun and successful seasons. Two of those four teams earned berths into the MIAA state tournaments for their respective sports, and one of those teams earned the right to compete in the state finals, an honor few experience. Overall, the sports scene at CCHS would not be as active or successful without the participation of Carlisle athletes.

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