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Friday, November 16, 2001


Referring to past examples of hard-fought-for initiatives which reached dead-ends at Town Meeting, the selectmen on November 6 asked for input from members of Carlisle Affordable Housing Inc., the school building committee, and the recreation commission regarding the presentation of two articles on the Warrant for the November 27 Town Meeting. Article 5 provides for design of a school septic system and Article 7 approves funding for a study of the Town Forest with the intent of locating affordable housing there. ...more

Carlisle School Building Committee members had asked officials from the state School Building Assistance program (SBA) to come to Carlisle hoping to get specific guidance on what site options for a school expansion project would or would not be favored or funded by SBA. Eric Gunn and John Lawler, both from the SBA, would not rule out, or recommend, any of the options being suggested for the expansion of the Carlisle School to accommodate increasing enrollment. The town needs to study all the options and come up with a plan that is the best solution for the community and one that the town can agree on, Gunn emphasized. Then the town will need to advocate for its plan as well as submit all required documents to the SBA before a decision is made whether to put the project on the list for funding, Gunn added. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) has elected to play a waiting game in the increasingly emotional debate over the future of Carlisle's 67-acre Town Forest. While making it clear that they are not opposed to the selectmen's Warrant Article 7 that calls for a study to determine the practicality of a multi-use approach to that town-owned property, they were decidedly reluctant to take a stand before hearing the full-fledged debate anticipated during the November 27 Town Meeting. ...more

The November 8 Carlisle Board of Appeals hearing on siting the monopole at 662 Bedford Road may have been the penultimate meeting on this subject, but then again maybe not. The same familiar faces that appeared last month, and the month before, reappeared, and jammed into the meeting room at the Town Hall. ...more

Sleeper Room kitchen

Council on aging (COA) director Liz Jewell was at the November 6 board of health meeting to make an application for a food service license for the Sleeper Room kitchen at the elderly housing units on Church Street. Jewell responded to an October 29 letter from the board of health explaining the conditions that needed to be satisfied or waived. Jewell has enrolled in a certified food manager course given in Concord on November 20 and November 27. Board agent Linda Fantasia commented that the rules permit someone to be in training for a food manager. ...more

· Local aid lacking. The selectmen were concerned to learn that local aid money committed to Carlisle by the state may not be paid. Selectman Vivian Chaput reported on a meeting of the fiscal policy committee of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, where she learned that shortfalls in the state budget will require significant cuts, and "everything is on the table, including local aid." Chairman John Ballantine, examining the possible repercussions on town budgets, said, "We would have to cut people because we don't have another way to cut expenses." Selectman Tim Hult spoke of the bind that towns are in, due to the restrictions of Proposition 2 1/2, and said, "We need to send a letter, and a strong one," to state representatives. A motion passed to send a letter as soon as possible. ...more

The pedestrian and bike safety advisory committee has completed the preliminary siting of the proposed School Loop pathway. It will next recommend to the board of selectmen the initiation of a test section at the corner of Church and School Streets along the school. Their next scheduled meeting will be on November 19 to continue work on the school loop project and the public is again invited to attend and offer comments and suggestions. ...more

Ed. note: With the Special Town Meeting approaching on November 27, The Mosquito asked former school committee reporter Marjorie Johnson to help readers understand the issues surrounding the request in article 6 for more money to explore all school expansion alternatives. She spoke with various members of town boards for their perspectives on the topic. ...more

A Guide to the November 27 Special Town Meeting Warrant

8 articles to come up in the town meeting are discussed ... more

Biodiversity corner

Ravenel's StinkhornName: Ravenel's Stinkhorn or Phallus ravenelii

Found: October 17, 2001 at School Street in a wood chip pile along with over 20 others. ...more

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