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Friday, November 16, 2001


Honk! costumes aren't just "fowl" play

Kathy Booth of River Road had an interesting dilemma: take 25 people and make them look like various barnyard fowl. Oh, and no using feathers. Seventy-five costumes later, she has outfitted the cast of Honk!, currently showing at the Concord Players' home at 51 Walden Street, Concord.
Concord Players cast of HONK! dressed representing barnyard animals
(photo: Rik Pierce)

This witty and whimsical musical adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's classic tale, The Ugly Duckling, features ducks, swans, geese, frogs and cats. Each character is a different and distinct animal, easily recognizable thanks to the talented costume crew. "It's really much more fun than just putting fabric on people," says Booth, costume designer for the show. "These costumes really have to say something. You have to be able to recognize what kind of animal they are just by looking at the costume."

The mother duck, Ida, for example, wears a huge, fluffy, white circle skirt, with petticoats for extra buoyancy; she can easily cover her eggs. The ducklings wear orange tights with orange rubber boots, yellow rompers and yellow hats with orange visors. And the frog costumes alone are worth the ticket price. The colors are vibrant, and against the whimsical set, each character stands out.
Carlisle's Kathy Booth tries on one of the 75 costumes she designed for the Concord Players' production of Honk! this weekend and next at 51 Walden Street (Photo by Rik Pierce)

What is even more amazing is that none of the costumes already existed. "When you do a musical like Oklahoma, usually you can look in the closet and come up with a bunch of skirts that can do the trick," said Booth. "But each of these costumes had to be created from scratch."

The gargantuan task was masterfully handled by Booth and her talented crew: Dee Graham, Carol Antos, Helen Martin, and Eric Shipley. They have been working virtually nonstop since early September. And they had so much fun, they even added little details to the costumes, such as wingtips on the turkey and maple leaves on the sleeves of the Canada geese.

To view these fabulous costumes in person, check out Honk! at the Concord Players. The show runs November 16, 17, and 24 at 8 p.m., and November 18 at 2:30 p.m. For tickets and information, call 1-978-369-2990, or check out the web site at

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