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Friday, November 16, 2001


Carlisle cross-country team - fierce competitors

This year's Carlisle School cross-country team, the Huskies, carried on the tradition of being well-respected in the Middlesex Athletic League as fierce competitors. With a short season of competition ahead of them, the team started with challenging practices almost immediately, and were rewarded for their efforts just as quickly at their first dual-meet against Westford. This meet proved how promising the Huskies were, as every runner beat any previous time for the season on that course, and many continued to improve on that time as the season progressed.
Cross-country (l-r), first row: Aaron Freedman, Dan Fidler, Estelle Faulkner, Melissa Judson, Cassi Knight, Ashley White, Olivia Cooney, Deidre Offenheiser, Audrey Cooney, Sarah MacMullen, Arley Donovan, Danielle Judson, Catherine O'Kelley, Elisabeth Karafotias; second row: Sheldon Pei, Coach Jenn Durkin, Tyler Cristy, Brendon Hedblom, Roy Bondurant, Ben Brewer, Cassidy Lane, Maia Reed, Laura Scholten, Ben Gatti, Zach Rubenstein, Coach Jon Willard. Missing from photo - Robert Dolins, Patrick Brennan.

The 2001 squad was captained by eighth graders Cassi Knight, Roy Bondurant, and Ben Brewer, along with seventh grader Maia Reed. The impressive performances by Knight (the 2001 league champion) and Bondurant (second place at league meet) along with the efforts and attitudes displayed by Reed and Brewer at practices and meets set consummate examples for the rest of the team.

Other veterans to the team were eighth graders Zach Rubenstein, Ben Gatti, Laura Scholten Melissa Judson, and Ashley White. Rubenstein's and Gatti's consistent efforts and humorous approaches lent a sense of fun to the practices, while Judson and White proved to be seasoned runners as they held on to top-ten positions on the team throughout the season. Scholten's drive to improve her performance and gain as much as possible from each practice, earned her admiration and recognition from her coaches, along with the title of Most Improved Player for 2001. Seventh grader Dan Fidler was the boys' Most Improved Player for 2001, a title not only indicative of his striving, but also of his span of improvement from the first meet to the last, as he dropped over two minutes from his time.

Seventh graders Tyler Cristy and Patrick Brennan maintained a "team within a team" at each meet, supporting one another and finishing within seconds of each other at every meet, while sixth grader Arley Donovan earned the title "Queen of the Last Kick" after out-sprinting her competitors in the final stretches of several meets. Other seventh graders lending their support and talents to this year's team were Sheldon Pei, Cassidy Lane, Estelle Faulkner, Didi Offenheiser and Sarah MacMullen.

Perhaps the surprises of this year's squad were newcomers Olivia Cooney and Catherine O'Kelley. Both girls maintained strong positions at each meet (often second and third, respectively), and were often the boost Carlisle needed in order to win.

Luckily, the Huskies have quite a few young "pups" on the team who will prove to be the core of next year's squad. Sixth graders Aaron Freedman and Brendon Hedblom will no doubt establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with as they defend their second- and third-place positionson the team and within the League. Liz Karafotias, Danielle Judson, Audrey Cooney and Robert Dolins will also provide strong support as they continue to refine their talents.

The season was celebrated at an awards banquet on Monday night, where the achievements of every runner were recognized. The coaches say thanks to all who supported this year's team.

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