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Friday, November 16, 2001


Field hockey, 2001

The 2001 Carlisle field hockey program has ended another fun season. The girls in this community have shown, yet again, high interest in learning about and competing in this sport. Even with the introduction of a new girls soccer program, 45 young ladies presented themselves on the Banta-Davis playing fields for tryouts. It is because of this incredible interest that the coaching staff and many parents asked the Carlisle Public Schools to allow the continuation of a varsity and JV team.

The administration's support, coupled with the six praiseworthy volunteers who regularly attended our practice sessions and competitions, will further build Carlisle's field hockey program.
Varsity field hockey: left to right, first row: Eliza Jacobellis, Hope MacLeod, Stephanie Trebino, Cori Armistead, Sarah Kennedy, Gaby Manganella, Pami Anderson; second row: Danielle Geoffroy, Alina Blum, Ann Marie Bilotta, Samantha Luther, Allison Stephens, Stephanie Lucky, Elizabeth Price, Laura Ferarro, Tess Guttadauro; third row: Coach Jessica Mihalchik, Heather Risso, Emily Goldberg, Teresa Barton, Hannah Roberts, Maureen Moulton, Vanessa Rau, Aimee Carter, Nicole Pedra, Coach Melissa A. Blechman

Sally Waite, a long-time volunteer and goalie coach, was joined this year by Ellen Huber, Lee Milliken, Lynn Lucks, Marjie Findlay, and Joan Rosazza. These six women were no strangers to each other. They had played on a field hockey team called the Acorn Nuts, years back. Their assistance was greatly appreciated and needed, and we hope to see them again next fall.

Also new to our program this year was Jessica Deyesso Mihalchik, Carlisle's second-grade special educator. Jessica co-coached both teams this fall, and helped develop a JV squad proud of their performance this year. A former field hockey player herself, Jessica provided the team with great insights about game technique and play. She was an invaluable addition to our teams.
Junior Varsity field hockey: left to right, first row: Elise Lamoreaux, Caroline Casey, Nikki Wortel, Jenna Gillies, Meaghan Monroe, Julia Lyons, Erin Hassey, Lauren LaLiberte; second row: Coach Jessica Mihalchik, Kate Ostrowski, Marissa Fabrizio, Alexandra Byer, Emily Arnow, Felisha Patel, Lauren Kirkness, Alessandra Falcone, Megan Herman, Coach Melissa Blechman; missing from picture: Maddie Traynor.

The most important component of our program is, of course, the girls. It is the opinion of this coaching staff that each player on our team made significant growth in her understanding, skill, and appreciation of the game. Our record certainly was not an accurate representation of the gains we made this fall.

Over the past two months, our team experienced many highlights. This season, our offense improved greatly. We were a team that scored regularly, and capitalized upon most every opportunity to display our acquired skills. Even when placed in positions unfamiliar to them, the girls who played offense were adaptable and got their job done.

Our defense also made significant strides in development this season. From their powerful free hits to knowledge of where the ball needed to go, our defense was a force to be reckoned with. The coaches felt fortunate to be a part of such a willing and respectful group of young athletes.

The coaching staff wishes to thank the parents of our athletes. The day-to-day involvement is appreciated, and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize a worthwhile, parent-organized trip. Our girls were able to watch Boston College play Harvard on Harvard's astro-turf field. The girls had a wonderful experience, and seemed to gain an even deeper appreciation of the sport. It is because of the time and efforts put forth by the parents that this trip occurred, and the entire team was grateful.

Of our 45 players, we will be graduating 16 eighth graders. It is our hope that they continue playing in high school. Each eighth grader will be greatly missed next year, and we hope to have many familiar visitors next fall with field hockey stories. To our eighth graders, and all others, who helped make 2001 a great year for Carlisle field hockey, thank you, and see you in the fall of 2002!

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