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Friday, November 9, 2001


Not every one would drive an hour to visit chickens. Then, again, not every one is a successful artist like Laurel Hughes. According to the painter, these chickens in Carlisle are special. "These chickens are more friendly," said Hughes. "I feel very relaxed around them." In fact, the artist has visited Carlisle chickens for about four years, and her work spans that range of time. Her oldest painting shows a red chicken; the more recent ones depict a melange of color. Behind one chicken appears a spinning platter. ...more

The biodiversity corner is a new feature designed to document the life forms found in the wild in Carlisle. Submissions are invited from all interested observers of nature there is no requirement to be a professional biologist, lepidopterist or herpetologist. You might be a novelist, economist or soccer coach. Just follow the format of the following item, and send a drawing or photo with descriptive text to Kay Fairweather at 392 School St, Carlisle MA 01741 or to ...more

The two leads are not getting along backstage. This is no big surprise, considering the messy divorce from which neither has fully recovered. He blames the breakup on her temper. She cites his ego. What neither will admit is that they are still secretly in love, but too stubborn to admit it. ...more

p vby Marilyn Harte ...more

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