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Friday, November 9, 2001


Meehan distressed over airport bill

Congressman Marty Meehan, while introducing fellow representative John Lewis to a CCHS audience last week, vented his frustration over "the House of Representative's big mistake," the recent partisan debate on the Airport Security Bill.

The bill, which was passed by the Senate 100-0, calls for the federalization of airport security personnel, with local law enforcement inspecting baggage and passengers at smaller airports. It also calls for stronger cockpit doors, armed security on airplanes and a $1 ticket tax to pay for the additional security. Senate Democrats have included language that the Republicans object to, mainly the expanded workers' relief package and the use of federal employees for airport baggage screening. Private airport security companies have lobbied the House, and the majority of House Republicans blocked the bill from coming to a vote. Meehan said, "I'm hopeful at the end of negotiations by the House and Senate, we get a bill that looks like the Senate bill."

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