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Friday, November 9, 2001


Questions from the back seat

Town residents, frustrated by the years it is taking to solve the wastewater problems at the school, have asked:

Has the town ever made an offer to buy the abutter's land?

According to selåçectman Carol Peters, two members of the board had discussions wåçith the abutters, but no offers were åçmade by the selectmen and the discussions did not progress.

Can the town pay more than the fair market value for the land?

Town administrator Madonna McKenzie says the town cannot legally pay more than the market value for a real estate purchase, under procurement laws governed by the state inspector general's office. "The town must make purchases within guidelines and must follow rules, such as when processing RFPs or bids for contracts," she said.

Can the town take the abutter's land by eminent domain?

A town cannot take any land unless there is a proven municipal need for it, according to McKenzie. Because the abutting land contains wetland, the land cannot be used for building, said school business manager Eileen Riley.

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