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Friday, November 9, 2001

Hoping to see you at Town Meeting

To the Editor:

Tuesday the 27th, at 7 in the evening, we'll all be at the Carlisle Public Schools' auditorium for a Special Town Meeting. Please check your schedules to see if you can arrange to come. This is where you have your say about how your town operates.

Perhaps you can catch a lift with a friend, or offer to drive someone who does not usually go out at night. Families in the neighborhood might pool babysitting chores or parents can take turns at the meeting.

Please remember, if you're planning on making an official presentation, you should speak with me ahead of time. I can make sure you are familiar with the proceedings, understand the time allotments, and have a chance to ask me any questions in private.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Sarah Brophy, Town Moderator

Girl Scout phonathon to begin

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Girl Scouts will be holding their annual Family Partnership Phonathon on Sunday, November 18. It is critical to help Girl Scouts of America continue to offer every girl who participates in Girl Scouts a safe, quality experience. Our local Girl Scout Council spends $233 annually for each girl who participates in Girl Scouts. This cost includes providing training and resource materials for leaders, program events, and activities for troops and individual Girl Scouts, well-maintained campsites, financial aid and so much more. The funding for this work is raised, in part, through the Family Partnership phonathon.

The Carlisle Girl Scout Service Unit also benefits from this phonathon. A portion of the money that is received by the Council comes back to the town, where it is used for our town-wide encampment and other events that benefit all Carlisle Girl Scouts.

If you are not contacted and would like to make a contribution, please call the Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council at 1-800-292-9545 and indicate the contribution should be credited to the Carlisle Service Unit. Locally, you may call me at 1-978-369-6861.

Thank you in advance for supporting Girl Scouting, especially Girl Scouts in Carlisle.

Mary Cheever
Carroll Drive

Steiner-Adair to speak at Ed-Forum

To the Editor:

Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed.D, an instructor at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Psychiatry, will be the keynote speaker at the Education Forum this year, December 1, at 9 a.m. Dr. Steiner-Adair is an internationally recognized researcher and speaker on the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. She has consulted with school systems for many years around how schools can best nurture the healthy development of girls and boys. She is co-author of Full of Ourselves: Advancing Girl Power, Health and Leadership, a program promoting the healthy development of girls and the prevention of eating disorders.

Dr. Steiner-Adair will speak on "Encouraging Healthy Relationships in a Less-Than-Healthy-Media Culture." Our children are exposed to alarming images every day. It is critical that we raise our level of awareness and educate ourselves so that we can help raise strong, independent children. We encourage all parents, faculty and community members to join us in what we believe will be an informative and educational morning.

Lori Jackson
Kim Reid
Dave Shriberg
Carlisle counselors

More on a League of our own

To the Editor:

A League of our own? The first time that I heard the question asked was in Ruthann Rogers' living room on Rutland Street one evening in 1962. A group of Carlisle women discussed the issue. When it was clear that we didn't have the minimum number of women to form our own League, we talked to the late Anna Manion, president of the Concord League of Women Voters. The Concord League very graciously invited us to join them. We met in Concord for our monthly open meetings on subjects of state, national, and international issues, but held our small group discussion and consensus-making units in Carlisle.

Three years later, when it became clear that our small, dedicated group of women wanted to tackle local issues, the members of the Concord League of Women Voters voted to become the League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle. Our first project was to publish a "Know Your Town" booklet. The late Janet Turley led that effort which involved researching by-laws and interviewing town officials .

After completing the "Know Your Town" booklet, we studied and evaluated the Carlisle schools and studied solid waste disposal and long-range planning. We held Candidates Nights and did other voter service projects. Carlisle members took leadership positions in other aspects of the League.

Our activities attracted enough new members that the LWV of Concord-Carlisle voted to become two Leagues. For a while the Carlisle LWV had enough members to maintain an active program. But membership in Leagues across the country dropped as women's lives became more complicated. Again the LWV in Concord graciously agreed to give Carlisle League members a home and we became the League of Women Voters of Concord-Carlisle a second time. The great advantage of being a hyphenated league is that Carlisle members can sponsor Candidates nights for local elections and do local studies.

A League of our own? Maybe it's time for someone, perhaps Priscilla Stevens, to gather women in her living room to discuss it. I'd come.

Cynthia Schweppe
School Street

Thanks from trick-or-treat central

To the Editor:

Those of us living in the town center look forward each year to the onslaught of ghouls, goblins, princesses and witches who visit us each Halloween night. We have grown accustomed to greeting between 200 to 300 children during the course of the evening with their requests for "trick or treat" and Unicef. Our Halloweens would not be the same without them. Their excitement and wonderment in the Halloween festivities are infectious and makes our own experience that much more memorable.

On behalf of the town center, I would like to thank all of you who so generously gave candy to defray some of the center's costs. I would also like to thank Daisy's for once again agreeing to be the repository for the candy and Terry Golsonwho had the idea in the first place and who follows up each year with a reminder in the Mosquito.

We look forward to enjoying your children again next year. Thank you for all your support.

Dale Ryder
Town Center

Thanks to Tall Pines, too

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every resident of Tall Pines. Our town by its very nature does not have a lot of neighborhoods. Because of this restriction, many people flock to the center of town to trick or treat and every year I usually find a letter commenting on the fine time had by all who attend Halloween in the center of town. I salute these people, however, I would also like to commend the residents of Tall Pines where I have taken my children and trick or treated for the past three years. Every single resident goes out of his or her way to ensure a fun, safe evening is had by all. The amount of people who flocked to this neighborhood every year is staggering. The kids and adults (and also cars) that adorn the streets are large in numbers, but everyone seems to take it in stride as everyone greets one and all warmly and friendly. It's clear to me that there are not only just the local residents lining the streets but many people from outside the neighborhood that, like myself, have made this our annual Halloween pilgrimage. I just think that it is time that we acknowledge all of these upstanding people, as well the town center residents, for going above and beyond the call of "Halloween Duty".

Thanks again,
Jim Harris
School Street

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