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Friday, November 9, 2001


Biodiversity Corner

The biodiversity corner is a new feature designed to document the life forms found in the wild in Carlisle. Submissions are invited from all interested observers of nature there is no requirement to be a professional biologist, lepidopterist or herpetologist. You might be a novelist, economist or soccer coach. Just follow the format of the following item, and send a drawing or photo with descriptive text to Kay Fairweather at 392 School St, Carlisle MA 01741 or to

Wood Frog
Name: Wood Frog or Rana sylvatica

Found: October 28, 2001 at School Street, in a layer of dead leaves in the flower garden.

Distinguishing characteristics: Wood frogs have a dark eye-mask and two ridges running from the eye all the way down either side of the back. Their color can vary from very dark brown to reddish brown. This one was pinkish-brown with a pale underbody.

Wood frogs make shallow burrows in the soil where they spend the winter. They generate antifreeze compounds which allow them to survive the temperature fluctuations.

Reference: Thomas F. Tyning, A Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles, edited by Donald W. Stokes and Lillian Q. Stokes

If it looks like a frog, it hops like a frog, and it sounds like a duck it's a wood frog!

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