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Friday, November 2, 2001


Cross Street white powder checks negative at state lab

A Cross street resident reported a white powder in his mailbox on Thursday, October 25. Police collected the mail in the box and some of the powder and took it to the state lab for investigation on Thursday evening. There did not appear to be any powder on the mail.

Lieutenant John Sullivan said a determination and an answer was expected from the state lab on Monday. After many attempts, he did get through to the lab on Monday morning and was told there were 800 requests for analyses ahead of Carlisle's. Possibly because of the mail-related aspect of the Carlisle substance, the analysis of the letters and substance were prioritized and after continued attempts to get through on the state lab line, Sullivan learned on Thursday afternoon that the envelopes and white powder were negative for anthrax.

Police chief David Galvin indicated he did not think the powder found was a hoax. Had the tests been positive or had the powder been a known hoax, it would have been a federal offense and the FBI would have been involved. Galvin stated that no cases of anthrax have been found in Massachusetts.

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