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Friday, November 2, 2001


CCHS space needs to be reassessed

Twenty-four members have been accepted by the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) for a new High School Space Utilization Advisory Committee.

At the RSC meeting on Tuesday, October 23, chair Cindy Nock offered a brief explanation for reforming the committee. The work done by the space utilization committee last year resulted in a comprehensive report on the high school's current use, future needs and type of space needed. Several building options were proposed at that time, but decisions to move forward were put on hold in light of other more pressing budget items. Nock noted that it was now time to re-address building issues as needed repairs have become more urgent, the school population has continued to grow, and academic programs have evolved.

The first directive for the committee is to study last year's report in detail and assess if its conclusions are still valid. Details of deadlines and budget for the new committee will be addressed later.

The new committee members from Concord are: Phil Gibson, David Holdorf, Paul Minor, Valerie DiRenzo, Nick Paleologos, Gerry DeRoche, Liz Davidson, and Mike MacIntyre; and from Carlisle: Basil Bennett, Karla Johnson, Kate Reid and Alison Saylor. Margaret Anderson, Bryan Chang and Ryan Hill are the student representatives, all from Concoed. Arthur Dulong, Henry Damon and Deirdre Farrell will represent the school administration. Cindy Nock of Carlisle and Lauren Walters of Concord will represent the RSC.

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