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Friday, November 2, 2001

Mosquito Mail

Only one cluster proposed on Town Forest

To the Editor:

Last week's article on plans for the Town Forest did not properly reflect the intended development of affordable housing on the Town Forest. CHA and CAHI are planning a single 8-12 unit cluster to be built on the Town Forest in accordance with the plan for affordable housing approved by the Spring Town Meeting. It is our intention that the next several developments would occur at other geographical locations consistent with the plan's call for dispersion of these units.

The purpose of the study is to determine a good plan for the use of the 78-acre Town Forest that was purchased in 1852 to benefit the worthy poor. The use of a portion of this property for affordable housing is in keeping with the spirit for which it was purchased. Consideration of a second possible affordable development was believed a possible future use of this land, if it made sense at some future point when it might be consistent with the town's Affordable Housing Plan. This would only become possible based on the success of the first several projects and a continued need for additional housing.

I am aware of the desire of abutters to place this parcel under a conservation restriction. The land can be kept as it is without placing it under a conservation restriction that would limit its use in perpetuity. There is already a large amount of land preserved from development in this section of town, including the State Park, Greenough Land, O'Rourke Land and Foss Farm. It is important to recognize that the town has other legitimate needs for land and that it would be unwise to place it under a conservation restriction and pre-empt the municipal land committee from recommending the best use for it. At current prices, this land is worth at least $12 million. There are few parcels of this size available at any price.

If the abutters are the only voters interested enough in the future of this parcel to attend the Town Meeting on November 27, then they will succeed in placing this parcel under a conservation restriction. If you want to preserve the town's flexibility on future use of this valuable parcel, please plan to attend the Town Meeting and urge your friends and neighbors to attend also.

Edward H. Sonn, president
Carlisle Affordable Housing
Woodland Road

Cows on the loose, part III

To the Editor:

Another bovine breakout. Another instance of both the police and known and unknown neighbors automatically joining in the hunt. Particular thanks to the two officers on duty Sunday morning as well as Dan Moseley and Miles Goff and "strangers" from Red Pine Road and Stearns Street. Now if Carolyn would only keep those fences mended!

Dick Shohet
Bedford Roa

Do you know this cat?

To the Editor:

Around the middle of September, a small bushy black cat with electric green eyes began hanging around our property (Sunset Road) and coming into our house through the cat door. Our cats are not keen on the intruder. Since she/he was still around when the cold evenings started, we decided that perhaps "Shadow" was a stray and hungry and have been leaving food out in an attempt to gain her/his confidence. Finally last weekend "Shadow" hesitantly came over and then started purring when I scratched her/his head. If you know who "Shadow" belongs to or if you might be interested in adopting her/him, please call Susan and Mickey Sarcia at 1-978-369-0785.

Susan Sarcia
Sunset Road

Give seniors back their meeting place

To the Editor:

I am a member of the council on aging. I have been a member for many years. I joined the Sixty-Plus Club, and was their secretary for seven years, back before the council on aging became a group. Lee Milliken was the outreach coordinator.

Edna Sleeper worked very hard to get a place in town where its seniors could meet. The meetings were always educational as well as social. Carlisle seniors enjoyed coming out twice a month for this gathering of older friends.

Carlisle is a friendly little town, and it is with sadness we who are getting on in years cannot enjoy the happy times together now. Many groups have met in the Sleeper room over the years for breakfasts, clinics, parties, and even recently for a graduation get-together.

Please give the seniors back their meeting place. Thank you.

Grace B. Dutton
South Street

Loss of innocence in Carlisle

To the Editor:

Sometimes heroes don't know they are heroes .... A special thank you to Officer Kevin Barnes for his thorough and prompt assistance this weekend. On Saturday morning I filed a report with the Carlisle Police. My handbag had been stolen from my car sometime between 6 and 8 Friday evening. My husband, daughter and I were home at the time. In all the years we have lived in Carlisle, I never thought it necessary to lock the car as it sat in our driveway. I leave my purse in the car more often than not and don't give it a second thought (be assured this will never happen again).

Normally a question regarding the contents of my purse would prove most embarrassing; it seems to take on a personality of its own over time. However, I recently switched bags so things were still pretty organized: wallet, ID, checkbook, credit cards, prescription glasses, and cash. I couldn't think beyond that. I left the station with a mix of emotions: anger, denial, sadness, loss, hope.

Officer Barnes was true to his word and arrived soon after I did to begin a search of the area near our home. His due diligence paid off. The handbag was recovered not far from our house with most of its contents intact. Everyone in my family was amazed at how quickly the case was solved. While I lost several hundred dollars that day, I lost something more valuable an innocence that living in Carlisle has given me which can never be replaced. As we headed out to the soccer field that afternoon, I hesitated as I closed the front door behind me. Do I give in to this new fear and lock it up tight, or leave it unlocked as I have been known to do in the past. I took a breath and walked away knowing I had made the right choice.

Karen Verrill
Forest Park Drive

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