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Friday, November 2, 2001


Consultant reports on SleeperRoom kitchen inspection

"What have we learned?" asked Tom Raftery, president of the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association (CEHA) at the October 23 meeting of the board of health. At the board's request, food service consultant Mike Moore of Concord had inspected the Sleeper Room food preparation and clean-up areas and listed seven items that require a change in procedure, upgrade of facilities, or a variance in order to comply with federal and local regulations.

Two items related to personnel procedures, such as hand-washing and bare-hand contact with food. These can be easily remedied by wearing approved gloves and washing hands in the nearby bathroom sink. Another two observations related to food safety, including potluck dishes prepared off-site in uncertified home kitchens and procedures for assuring that food prepared on site is thoroughly cooked. "You could vary your operation so you don't need all the variances," commented board of health member Lisa Davis Lewis.

Moore's report noted that facilities for sanitizing dishes and kitchen equipment need to be upgraded. Either a three-compartment sink or a commercial dishwasher are needed. Raftery said that there is room for a commercial dishwasher in the kitchen and, with estimates of $3,000 to $3,500, he expects that they could get some donations to help offset the cost.

Finally, the regulations require that a certified food protection manager oversee all kitchen operations. Council on aging director Liz Jewell agreed to look into becoming a certified food provider as required.

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