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Friday, October 26, 2001


Ed Sonn of Carlisle Affordable Housing, Inc. presented an outline of a plan to develop affordable housing on the 78 acres of the Town Forest, bounded by Maple Street and East Riding Drive. His group hopes to present a Warrant article for $15,000 at Town Meeting on November 27 for engineering studies to locate the buildings and an access road and provide a cost estimate for the road. ...more

On a beautiful autumn day a festive crowd turned out for the Kids Walk for Heroes on Sunday, October 21. The walk raised money to benefit the New York Police & Fire Department Widows' & Children's Fund. It started at the Carlisle School, with the plaza decked out with red, white and blue balloons. The children were thrilled to see the fire fighters and police officers in their full uniforms. The Carlisle Minutemen, with fife and drum, started the walkers on their route, and a large banner, signed by the walkers, was carried proudly behind them. Wearing red, white and blue, the children walked, roller-bladed, rode scooters or wagons, and marched one mile, returning to the school for songs and speeches. ...more

At the bi-weekly meeting of the finance team on Tuesday, October 23 chairman of the Carlisle Finance Committee Tony Allison and town administrator Madonna McKenzie described the recent discovery of two potentially serious errors in the current fiscal year 2002 town budget that, by a stroke of sheer luck, cancelled each other out. ...more

Finance committee member Lisa Jensen-Fellows presented a first-draft of a model of the town's budget, which will eventually be used by the FinCom, selectmen and town employees to explore long-term effects of proposed budget changes. Jensen-Fellows started with historical budget data gleaned from the last five annual town reports. FinCom members and town administrator Madonna McKenzie then discussed various expenditures and revenue streams, in order to fine-tune the assumptions used in the model. ...more

The Carlisle School Committee received a dose of reality from town officials Tuesday evening October 16 as it tried to explain current pressures of increased enrollment and limited school campus space and the urgency of its request for a new school. Representatives from the board of selectman, the long-term capital requirements committee, and the recreation commission participated in the wide-ranging discussion asking questions, offering suggestions and occasionally voicing their skepticism. ...more

Carlisle Postmaster Bill Ponte was asked on Wednesday morning about the precautions that the post office was taking to protect postal workers and residents of Carlisle from anthrax. ...more

"Our children are great," commented Carlisle School Committee (CSC) member Paul Morrison as the CSC members glanced through the results of the survey on Youth Risk Behavior. The results were consistently positive for students in grades 6 and 8 in a school system with small classes, support systems in place and a partnership with parents. ...more

· Enrollment update. The total enrollment at the Carlisle Public Schools, officially counted on October 1, 2001, is 857 students, a gain from October 1, 2000 of 35, or 4.2 percent. The grade total is 842 with an additional 15 enrolled in the preschool services/outside placements and a C.A.S.E. class. Grade 2 has 107 students and Grade 6 has 106. Twenty-one students left the school after the year 2000-01. Fifty-six children moved into town to attend the local schools. ...more

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