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Friday, October 26, 2001


Let's take a look at our own Carlisle firefighters and EMTs. I must admit that back in the 1960s when we first moved to town, I thought of these guys as a bunch of red necked, barely employed high school dropouts, who come for you with a shovel or some undersized fire hose, and who still lived at home. In other words, "Townies". Boy, was I ever wrong. I don't know where I got this stupid idea, possible from living in cities with full time people, fancy fire stations with poles, and great big trucks and ambulances. ...more

While the Carlisle Police Department has reports of only six accidents in town involving cyclists over the past three years, chief Dave Galvin noted that the potential for more exists. Three of the incidents took place on Bedford Road, two on Concord Street, and one on North Road. Galvin attributed "inattention on the part of the bicyclists" as the primary cause of accidents. ...more

First I want to express my appreciation to Ellen Davin, Beth Bourque, Marcy Guttadauro, Denise Dray and Judy Giles for organizing this event and for their leadership in our community. ...more

Carlisle Mosquito reporter Anne Marie Brako asked motorists and cyclists about road ownership. On October 20 she stopped riders randomly at the Acton and West Street intersection, and on October 21 ...more

Carlisle's children are invited to stop by the police station at 41 Lowell Street on Halloween night. Police chief David Galvin, who issued the invitation, said that Carlisle has had a minimum number of Halloween problems during the past few years and he expects this year will be no different. Extra patrols have been scheduled for Halloween night and residents are encouraged to call the station if there is any problem with vandalism. ...more


A Tribute to Carlisle Heroes

A few days after the bombing of the World Trade Center, music teacher Catherine Pringle of the Carlisle School decided to plan for a memorial concert honoring the Carlisle fire and police departments. Students in the fourth and fifth grades and middle school choruses performed patriotic selections with poems written and read by students at the Monday service which was a tribute to men we call heroes in our community. ...more

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