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Friday, October 26, 2001


Shorts from the school committee

· Enrollment update. The total enrollment at the Carlisle Public Schools, officially counted on October 1, 2001, is 857 students, a gain from October 1, 2000 of 35, or 4.2 percent. The grade total is 842 with an additional 15 enrolled in the preschool services/outside placements and a C.A.S.E. class. Grade 2 has 107 students and Grade 6 has 106. Twenty-one students left the school after the year 2000-01. Fifty-six children moved into town to attend the local schools.

· Thanks for donations. Resident Carol Bailey was thanked by superintendent Fox-Melanson for the donation of a computer. Fox-Melanson also thanked the Carlisle Old Home Day Association who provided support and a donation to the Carlisle Public Schools. The middle school students drew pictures of the Carlisle town buildings for the Old Home Day celebrations. The pictures are hung in the main school office.

· Two Warrant articles. One Warrant article will ask for additional money for the design of a new wastewater treatment facility at the Carlisle Public School. A second article will ask if the town will appropriate a sum of money for additional studies relating to the design and location of a new school building.

· Water emergency response plan. Supervisor of school buildings and grounds David Flannery reported that school water is being monitored continually and that plans have been prepared for an appropriate response to any emergency. This report was in response to a communication from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

· Bee infestation. Due to new regulations related to environmental hazards, the school is unable to spray for bees which have taken over areas outside the school. Flannery said that new approaches to pest management present challenges and the bee problem may have to wait until a frost. Until then, children are being asked not to eat outside and the trash barrels are kept as empty as possible of food.

· Budget Report. Copies of the budget and Carlisle Public School year end report are on file at the Gleason Library and Carlisle Town Hall.

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