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Friday, October 26, 2001


A Tribute to Carlisle Heroes

A few days after the bombing of the World Trade Center, music teacher Catherine Pringle of the Carlisle School decided to plan for a memorial concert honoring the Carlisle fire and police departments. Students in the fourth and fifth grades and middle school choruses performed patriotic selections with poems written and read by students at the Monday service which was a tribute to men we call heroes in our community.

Memorial Concert Poems

Grade 4

America Is

By Kristen Kiel

A beautiful land
A lucky country
A free Country
A place to get a good education
A place to get money if you are poor
A place you can have a great life
And lots of people you can depend on.


By Carolyn Gilbert

Remember the other wars?
When America had to stand strong?
When loved ones fought or slept.
Now America must stand strong.
Family and friends are where the twins once stood.

Stand strong,



By Daria Koehlert

America is the country that I love.
It does not matter what color skin you have
All that matters is that someone loves you.
We all love America with peace.
No war.
No blood in the field.
We all love America.

Hope in our Hearts

By Georgia Guttadauro

A sad thing has happened
Never before
The Twin Towers
Stand no more
Thousands have died
But some have survived
In the twin towers' place
Lies nothing but dust and empty space
With tears in our eyes
We say our good-byes
We had a bad start
But still have hope in our hearts


Grade 5

The Tragedy

By Bradley Bero

The tragedy that happened
On September 11
We lost our brothers
We lost our sisters
We thank our brothers and sisters who help us all
Those who fell will remember them
Why would anybody do this disaster at all?


Hope in Our Hearts

By Emma Woodward and Samantha Dweck

Although we have much anger,
This violence is quite bad.
We want to put the world at peace
And try not to be sad.

We shall not let this affect us,
But move on in our lives.
We'll keep in mind to enjoy ourselves,
But not with weapons or knives.

Darkness has come over us,
But we still hold our hopeful light
That someday peace and spirit,
Will arrive into our sight.

Light is stronger than dark,
And faith can conquer fear,
So if we all work together,
Happiness shall be near.


Middle School

My Home

By Sean Edward Dwyer

My home is in a green meadow.
My home is by the Atlantic.
My home is a free country, a strong country.
My home is the land of the
Free, and the home of the brave.
My home is a combination
Of red, white, and blue.
My home is America.

2001 The Carlisle Mosquito