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Friday, October 19, 2001


What rules should apply for accepting a road that doesn't strictly conform to regulations, or for agreeing to plow a road that has not yet been accepted? Should the rules be bent in special circumstances? These were the questions the selectmen wrestled with on October 9 as they reviewed a recommendation by the planning board that three roads in the Tall Pines subdivision Kimball Road, Hutchins Road and Barnes Place be accepted contingent on corrections to existing violations of the town's right-of-way. These violations included mailboxes, stone walls, and masonry pillars placed too close to the road at several addresses. A roomful of Tall Pines residents attended the meeting to provide information and indicate support for town acceptance of the roads. ...more

Only one day before Carlisle's cable license expired, the board of selectmen met at 8:00 a.m. on October 12 to sign a renewal license with AT&T Broadband, successfully concluding negotiations that had frustrated the cable communications advisory committee in the last few weeks. AT&T Broadband had reneged on the terms of the renewal presented to the selectmen on September 18 by committee chair Darice Wareham and member Paul Gill. At the selectmen's meeting on October 9, however, the cable company and the committee did reach agreement on key terms the license period and the amount of the performance bond and all that remained was for AT&T Broadband to resubmit the revised license renewal. ...more

Tom Raftery and Charles Forsberg of the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association (CEH) and Liz Jewell of the Carlisle Council on Aging (COA) appeared at the October 9 meeting of the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) to discuss the requirements for a food service permit for the Sleeper Room kitchen at the elderly housing complex on Church Street. The popular community room was closed last month to all food service as well as other community use pending a clearer understanding of health regulations and insurance issues. ...more

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has announced an anthrax hotline number. It is 1-617-624-6200. ...more

The Kids Walk for Heroes will begin on Sunday, October 21 at the Carlisle School parking lot, proceed down Church Street, then up Bedford Road to the rotary, up School Street to Church Street, and return to the parking lot. Expect traffic delays around the center from 2 to 3 p.m. ...more

Granted an evening free from Notices of Intent and public hearings at its October 11 meeting, the Carlisle Conservation Commission was able to turn its attention to two Requests for Proposal (RFP) which have not been awarded. ...more

Each year it arrives with the cool weather. It may be shocking, but not surprising that the 2002 tax bill is higher than last year's. It is a law of the universe that taxes go up. The first half of the Fiscal Year 2002 tax bill is due on November 1, 2001. ...more

Forty-two Carlisle Middle School students signed up for the after-school fall field hockey program run by special education teacher Melissa Blechman. Not everyone would have been able to participate in the program without additional supervisory help. Special education teacher Jessica Mihalchik agreed to help the newer members learn the sport. Community members Joan Rosazza, a retired teacher, and four members of the Acorn Nuts field hockey team Lyn Lucks, Lee Milliken, Ellen Huber and Margie Findlay were recruited from the retirement bench. All had played field hockey in junior high school, high school, college and fifteen years with the Acorn Nuts team, a western Boston area team based at Middlesex School in the 1970s and 1980s. When asked why they would help, the retired Acorn Nuts said it was wonderful to be outdoors playing a sport they love with the girls who are very motivated and enthusiastic players. Carlisle has been able to field both varsity and junior varsity teams this fall, a remarkable feat for a small school. ...more

· Metivier honored. At their October 9 meeting the selectmen honored Ralph Metivier, who died last week, for his many years on the fire department. The town flag was flown at half mast in recognition of his service during World War II. ...more

The gracious 1890s brick Victorian building that is the face and the heart of the Gleason Public Library in the town center will be framed next year by newly landscaped grounds that invite the public to sit and linger. Over the past few months, the trustees of the library have sought and received approval from the Carlisle Historical District Commission, the conservation commission and the Army Corps of Engineers for the design developed by landscape architect Julie Khuen of Winchester. ...more

The board of health held a public hearing on October 9 for a septic system replacement system for a four-bedroom house at 12 Page Brook Road. Owner Bernard Pfeifer explained that the upgrade was voluntary after an initial estimate from a septic pumper indicated the current system might have trouble passing a Title 5 inspection. ...more

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