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Friday, October 19, 2001


Watch that setback BOH approves tight squeeze septic plan

The board of health held a public hearing on October 9 for a septic system replacement system for a four-bedroom house at 12 Page Brook Road. Owner Bernard Pfeifer explained that the upgrade was voluntary after an initial estimate from a septic pumper indicated the current system might have trouble passing a Title 5 inspection.

Engineer David Schofield showed the board a plan which had the leaching field neatly placed between the 100-foot radii of three wells. The design placed the septic tank 90.4 feet from the Pfeifer well, whereas the board requires a setback for the entire system of 100 feet. Schofield explained that the tank specified was a monolithic two compartment tank with no joints below ground level. Schofield said the monolithic tank would be much better than the usual tank with underground joints.

The board approved a 90-foot setback waiver, with the condition that a room plan be submitted to verify the four bedrooms. Since the plan showed a setback of ten feet from the property line Opolski cautioned Schofield to verify the property line carefully as the board had experiences with other upgrades which got into trouble when the setback was not carefully observed.

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