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Friday, October 19, 2001


Field hockey veterans help coach girls teams

Forty-two Carlisle Middle School students signed up for the after-school fall field hockey program run by special education teacher Melissa Blechman. Not everyone would have been able to participate in the program without additional supervisory help. Special education teacher Jessica Mihalchik agreed to help the newer members learn the sport. Community members Joan Rosazza, a retired teacher, and four members of the Acorn Nuts field hockey team Lyn Lucks, Lee Milliken, Ellen Huber and Margie Findlay were recruited from the retirement bench. All had played field hockey in junior high school, high school, college and fifteen years with the Acorn Nuts team, a western Boston area team based at Middlesex School in the 1970s and 1980s. When asked why they would help, the retired Acorn Nuts said it was wonderful to be outdoors playing a sport they love with the girls who are very motivated and enthusiastic players. Carlisle has been able to field both varsity and junior varsity teams this fall, a remarkable feat for a small school.

Field hockey coaching assistants (left to right) Lyn Lucks, Ellen Huber, Lee Milliken, Margie Findlay and Joan Rosazza.

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