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Friday, October 12, 2001


James Avery

Special education

Mr. Avery lives in Lexington with his wife Kathleen and daughters Carolyn and Brigid. His education includes a B.A. from Salem State College and M.Ed. from Fitchburg State College. ...more

In the current issue of the Boston Magazine, Doug Most wrote an article that raises concerns about the over-scheduling of children. Most says, "Children have been forced to multi-task as much as their stressed-out moms and dads have been, juggling one after another supervised activity." Does this apply to Carlisle children? Are our children overscheduled? ...more

The attack and destruction of the Twin Towers left me with an empty feeling. I was born in Manhattan before construction of the World Trade Center, but it figures in memories of my visits to the city and college years there. When the towers tumbled down, I felt as if a part of my personal history had crumbled beneath them. ...more

On October 3 Mosquito reporter Anne Marie Brako randomly interviewed community residents. Here are their thoughts on the question: "How has your life changed since the September 11 attack?" ...more

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