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Friday, October 12, 2001


Shorts from the board of appeals

At its meeting on October 4 the board of appeals faced three requests for variances, two of which were approved.

· Lowell Road. Karen and Francis Sargent of 734 Lowell Road requested a variance to upgrade a bathroom. Their request to build a 10 by 14 foot addition in order to build a usable bathroom was approved. They needed a variance because their lot is non-conforming, smaller than the required two acres. The addition would be more than 40 feet from the lot line and the increase of 140 square feet would be well under the 50 percent rule, as required by zoning bylaws. (That rule states that an addition cannot increase the size of a house by more than 50 percent.)

· Heald Road. Paul DiCristina of 274 Heald Road requested a variance to build a garage. He needed a variance because his lot is heavily terraced. His plans showed that the best place to build a garage would be closer to the lot line than the required 40-foot setback. His request to build a 24 by 24 garage six feet from lot line was denied.

The board said that this finding was in keeping with many of their other findings. They struggle with giving variances for a garage, because of its nonessential nature, unlike a house.

· Meadowbrook Road. Douglas Edwards of 125 Meadowbrook Road came to the board to ask for an extension to the present permit that allows him to operate an auxiliary real estate office at the Hensleigh property in the center of town. This building was formerly used as the Congregational Church and the old town post office. Edwards currently has a permit to use 200 to 300 square feet of the property as a small office, operating between the hours of nine to six. The board voted to extend the permit for two years on condition that he keep the nine-to-six hours and has a sign no larger than 12 by 28 inches.

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