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Friday, October 12, 2001


ConsCom approves Eagle Scout projects

Two projects that will contribute to Carlisle's wooded trails received a grateful nod from the Conservation commission on September 27. Two Eagle Scout candidates requested approval of plans for trail improvements in the Davis Corridor and at Great Brook Farm State Park. Bedford Scout Brian Coppola discussed specifications for re-routing a portion of the Tophet Loop Trail in the park, and Richard Bruce proposed installation of a 50-foot- long boardwalk in a section of Two Rod Road near where it enters Estabrook Woods.

Park superintendent Ray Faucher attended in support of Coppola's plan to close off a seriously eroded hillside path. The Boy Scout engineer and his friends will be assisted by the New England Bikers Association. Faucher noted that there are many substandard trails in the park that date back to its days as a private farm. Assuring the commissioners that they can anticipate a number of cooperative projects involving the Scouts and the park staff over the next couple of year, he observed, "This is a great way for the Scouts to work with us for the good of the community."

Bruce in turn appeared with the full support of trails committee member and Scout leader Steve Tobin. His project called for construction of a 50-foot bridge over a low, wet spot on the trail near the end of Nowell Farm Road. Noting that he needed to finish his task before his eighteenth birthday in October, he asked for waiving of any appeal process. Noted Willard, "You can do it legally, but if there's a groundswell of opposition to muddy feet, you are responsible."

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