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Friday, October 12, 2001

Mosquito Mail

ConsCom decision shortsighted

To the Editor:

In my view the recent decision by the conservation commission to deny Madonna McKenzie's request to allow testing on the Malcolm Land is shortsighted. In our zeal to protect the land and open spaces and preserve the rural character of the town, we are unintentionally laying the foundation for destroying the very neighborhoods in which we live. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 essentially guarantees that cell towers will be built somewhere in our town. In all likelihood, three or more will be built. The notion that we can avoid this fate by simply making it extremely difficult or impossible for the cell phone providers to locate these towers is sheer folly. They have seen to it that the legislation is on their side in this battle. The next tower to go up may well be in your neighbor's backyard.

A quick trip through neighboring towns will show that these large towers are typically located set back on commercial property, a substantial distance from residential lots. Unfortunately, the small amount of commercial property that exists in Carlisle is mixed into the residential areas. This then means that the only sites that have minimum impact are located on town-owned land or on land that has been "set aside." As Ms. McKenzie stated, we "must look at town-wide needs." The income from the lease of land for these towers is $5,000 to $6,000 a month or more. The tower builders will gladly work with the first property owner who comes along willing to accept their offer. Is it in the best interest of the town to allow the telecommunications industry to decide the placement of these towers? Is it in the best interest of the town to allow that income to go to any individual willing to provide a potential site at the expense of their neighbors, or should that income go to the town?

It is the duty of the conservation commission to preserve the land set aside by the townspeople for the protection of our environment, but where is the value of doing that if, in the process, they destroy the environment of the residential neighborhoods where the townspeople live? The conservation commission is overlooking their greater duty to protect the town as a whole.

Ted Shaw
Stoney Gate

October Friday Night Live a huge success BUT. . .

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the middle school children for their high energy and excellent behavior at our October Friday Night Live! They truly enjoyed themselves and it was a pleasure to see them interact and have fun with their friends! I would also like to thank the chaperones that helped at, what is traditionally, the most active and confusing FNL of each year. Their watchful eyes and experience made Friday run very smoothly!

Each year, we have a 10 minute pre-FNL meeting to remind everyone (parent and children) of the scope of FNL, the times, rules and responsibilities. The children were quiet and listening respectfully, even though they were incredibly anxious and excited to get to their FNL! Thank you to those many parents who were listening and respectful of the speakers! I was shocked at the number of parents who continued to talk while both Mike McSweeney and I were making our very short but necessary presentations. I had to stop at least 5 times, and had to speak to the audience about being respectful and quiet while Mike finished his 2 minute presentation. Several parents came to me after the meeting to apologize for the many adults who were disrespectful during this 10 minute meeting, I appreciated that very much! I realize that there are parents who feel like they've been there before, and they shouldn't have to come. There are MANY times as an adult that I have to do things I might not want to, or be quiet and respectful for a few minutes at a meeting or presentation. Having 4 children in grades 6,7,8 and 9, I've been to many repetitive meetings. Out of respect for my children in each of those grades, I attend and am respectful of the speaker, whatever the subject. It is a poor example for our children, to not be able to be silent for 5-10 minutes when we are part of an audience! Please remember that our children learn from our example and our actions.

There are 5 members of the Carlisle Youth Commission and our Program Manager, Mike McSweeney that work very hard to provide an event such as Friday Night Live, an event each month that is geared to the safety and entertainment of about 250-280 middle schoolers! Please remember that 5-10 minutes of your parental time is not an unreasonable commitment to assure that we are all on the same page regarding FNL, and the meeting will be over as quickly as possible!

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Hassey
Fifty Acre Way

Time capsule reunion planned

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to the students and parents of the Carlisle Public School classes of 1983, '84, and '85.

It's been nearly twenty years since we've seen one another and for all that time a barrel ­ a time capsule ­ holding memories and thoughts of the children we were and what we believed the future would bring us as adults, has lain buried beside the Highland School. The future is here and it is time to come together to open our past and to examine what we have become.

Sally Milliken and Karen Larsen are organizing a reunion for Friday, November 23, at the Carlisle Public School. We will meet on the steps of the Highland Building at 10:30 a.m. A reception will follow in the Corey Dining Room.

The barrel was unearthed two years ago when the class of 1982 was excavating the site for a similar reunion and Sally's family has graciously stored our time capsule until we could organize this gathering. Much of the material was water damaged, but what remains are letters, photographs, drawings, and pieces of clothing that tell us a great deal about how we perceived ourselves, our friends, our families, our community and the world around us. In 1983, as the Cold War intensified, many of us expressed our worries about nuclear annihilation balanced with our hopes for peace. Libby Larson's mother wrote a letter about the beautiful, smart, and capable woman that she hoped her daughter would become. Carrie Davies wrote of her enduring friendship with Debbie Ives. Lori Debenedictis' sneakers, laced with whale printed shoelaces, were found wrapped up in Nicki Soforenko's T-shirt, autographed by girls who thought he was "cute." A photograph of Mindy Berman and Andrea Clarke shows two laughing girls dressed for a cross-country ski race. There is more, much more, and we ask that you spread the word to your children, former classmates, and friends about the reunion and reception on November 23.

If you have questions, or would like to help organize, please call or e-mail either Sally or Karen. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you all.

Karen Larsen, 1-609-893-6360
Sally Milliken, 1-978-462-3272

Pig 'n Pepper thanks

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who so graciously gave of their time to help support the Carlisle Schools at this year's Pig 'n Pepper Festival. An event of this magnitude can only take place with a devoted effort by all volunteers. I would like to commend all the students, teachers and residents of Carlisle, Concord and Westford for pitching in and contributing their time to make the event a success.

Lisa Harris
Carlisle Education Foundation

More Spaghetti Supper thanks

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Sixth Grade Class would like to thank the following businesses that contributed products, gift certificates, or funds to help us realize the most successful Spaghetti Supper ever: Pastene Co., Piantedosi Baking Co., Poland Spring, Starbucks Coffee, Welch's, Alphagraphics, Alpine Butchers, Daisy's Market, Burger King of Westford, Donelan's, Galant Electric, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Hutchins Farm, Mahoney's Nurseries, Pizza Hut of Acton, Stop & Shop, Minor Chord, Artistic Framer, Hairport, Accent Jewelers, Zwicker & Assoc., Friend Ticket, RC's Grand Coach, Carolanne's Home Improvement, Carlisle Autobody, Ciro's Restaurant, Bedford Jewelers, Crosby's Marketplace, Las Vegas Golf & Tennis, Gould's Motors, Concord Lumber, The Concord Toy Shop, World Gym, Holiday Treasures, Concord Music Cellars, Willow Books, Kimball Farm, Bedford Wallpaper, Bella Chic, Ritz Camera, Hair Extraordinaire, Bedford Yankee Gift Shop, The Nail Salon, Artistic Framer, Mix Flowers, Bedford Video Rental, Video Ark, Salon Alphonse, The Boston Tea Parlor, Pizza Express, Looks by Leslie, Mobil Gas of Concord, Copley Place, Riverview Restaurant, Handworks, Flying Change Stables, Carlisle Repair, Morgillo Financial Management, Zwicker Sports, Billerica Liquors, 3 Trolls Games and Puzzles, Fujiyama Restaurant, Pedal Power, Luigi's Restaurant, Dalya's Restaurant and Jaberwocky.

Cecile Sandwen
Suffolk Lane

Spaghetti Supper thanks

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Class of 2004, we want to say a heartfelt "thank you" to the townspeople of Carlisle for their support of the Spaghetti Supper. It was wonderful to see so many people willing to wait, even when the line stretched practically back out to the street, to enjoy a spaghetti dinner with friends and neighbors and to support this year's sixth graders as they begin their journey through Middle School. A big thank-you to all those individuals and businesses who donated supplies and raffle prizes. We hope that Carlisleans will patronize those businesses who have given their support to our town events. Last but not least, the Class of 2004 would like to thank all their parents who worked so hard to make this year's Spaghetti Supper a great success.

Paula Trebino, Callie Grean, and Kate Bauer Burke
Co-chairs of the Class of 2004 Spaghetti Supper

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