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Friday, October 12, 2001

A frustrated cable committee, accompanied by representatives of AT&T, appeared again before the board of selectmen on October 9 with a proposed contract from AT&T Broadband, significantly different from what was presented on September 18. On that date, Darice Wareham and Paul Gill received congratulations from the board as they reported significant concessions on the part of AT&T, whose contract for cable service to Carlisle expires October 14. ...more

HUNGRY CROWDS line up for the sixth-grade spaghetti supper in the Corey dining room at the Carlisle School. With 1,400 tickets sold for the annual fund-raiser, the supper was an absolutely major success. (Photo by Ellen Huber)
Many familiar faces gathered at the Carlisle Board of Appeals' October 2 meeting to discuss the siting of the proposed American Tower 150-foot monopine cellular tower at 622 Bedford Road. With each meeting, the cellular companies along with American Tower Corporation trot out increasing numbers of lawyers, engineers, spokespeople, construction managers, and crew chiefs to present their case. On the other hand, more and more residents, abutters, and friends show up to state how strongly they are against granting the variances necessary for the application to proceed to the next stage. As a result, the meeting was moved to the Corey auditorium to accommodate the more than 60 people in attendance. ...more

Traffic on Westford Street was jammed all week as drivers stopped and smiled at the 340 sheep munching the weeds and grasses on Towle Field. The munchers, who had chomped their way into the hearts of patrons of Towle Field and the Spencer Brook Reservation last month, re-turned for a second visit on Columbus Day. The flock is owned by Dick Henry of Bellwether Solutions, a vegetation management company that rents the sheep to control noxious plants and weeds, such as the poison ivy and buckthorn growing on Carlisle's conservation lands. ...more

Three hundred forty hungry field mowers are on the job a Towle Field. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

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