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Friday, October 5, 2001

In the days and weeks since September 11, we have all gratefully applauded the efforts of the rescue teams in Washington, D.C. and New York. All the professionals involved have been constant in their efforts to bring hope and closure to the families of victims, and to us all. They see and handle indescribable horrors, work long shifts, and take life-threatening risks. We know they are trained for these jobs, but what does it cost them to do these things?..more

Carlisle firefighters David Ziehler (left) and George Middleton were members of the CISD team that went to Ground Zero at the World Trade Center to defuse the effects of stress on firefighters who had grappled with the horrific events stemming from the September 11 attack. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)

The Carlisle Finance Committee (FinCom) has voted preliminary guidelines of 5% for the schools and 2.5% for all other town departments for the fiscal year 2003 (FY03) budget. According to FinCom member David Ives, the resulting tax rate would rise 4.6%, from $15.78 this year to $16.40 next year. This calculation does not count an additional 2% for the Community Preservation Act surtax to fund conservation, historical preservation and affordable housing...more

Congressman Marty Meehan addresses CCHS students. (Photo by Rik Pierce)
Meehan discusses terrorism with CCHS students

Congressman Marty Meehan discussed recent terrorist events and the anticipated U.S. response with approximately 300 Concord-Carlisle High School students at a noontime session on Monday, October 1. After reflecting on the events of September 11, Meehan answered a range of students' questions, from what needed to be done ­stop terrorism­ to what needed to be preserved ­our liberties. Asked if he thought the media was doing a responsible job, he answered that the media has shown restraint in dealing with the tragedy...more

On Tuesday morning, September 18, while police cars with their flashing lights were following one calf up Bingham Road, another drama was unfolding far out in the field behind Guy Clark's house on Concord Street, where the heifer calf had been hobbled. As the story unfolds, the cast of characters multiplies. . ...more

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