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Friday, September 28, 2001

FIRE TRUCK WASH. With their pails and sponges in hand, Rachel Acquaviva and Kelsey Perkin pitch in at Saturday's Wash a Fire Truck event. Alyssa Farrell (right) gives the tire a scrub-down. (Photo by lois d'Annunzio)
Chairman of the board of selectman John Ballantine had everyone's attention on Monday evening as he opened a discussion of the proposed Carlisle School expansion, pointing out that this will be Carlisle's largest capital project over the next 10 years with a projected price tag of around 15 million dollars. According to state and local estimates the town's population is projected to increase from 5,000 to 7,500 by the year 2030, with the school population growing...more
Just as the Mosquito was going to press on Wednesday, word came from the cable communications advisory committee that AT&T Broadband has backed out of a previously-agreed-upon wish list that would have remedied many of Carlisle's cable woes...more
Ed Whatley and Brian Lynch, engineers in charge of testing for possible sites to locate a new school septic system, were on hand at the September 18 selectmen's meeting with an update. Displaying a map showing dozens of dots where soil had been tested, covering every piece of land surrounding the school...more