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Friday, September 21, 2001


As the incredible horrific events on September 11 unfolded, Carlisle police and fire departments mobilized to respond to a possible but unknown threat; schools tried to help students cope with the tragic, frightening events; churches opened their doors to those who sought to share their compassion and sorrow in the warmth of a close community. Although, to our knowledge, no Carlisle resident or immediate family member was a direct victim of the attacks on New York, Washington and the plane crash near Pittsburgh, no one in this town, or anywhere in America, was untouched by the events...more

Sean McFadden of the Board of Assessors addressed a September 11 public meeting with the selectmen, recommending a tax rate of 15.78 percent for the fiscal year 2002. This is an increase of about 5 percent over this year's rate of 15.02. The increase is primarily the result of last spring's approved overrides for the Carlisle and Concord-Carlisle Schools. No change to the current policy of levying a flat rate for all residential property was recommended. The selectmen approved the rate with limited discussion...more

The new school year marks a major leadership change at Concord-Carlisle High School. Arthur DuLong, formerly associate principal of Lexington High School, has begun his new career as principal of CCHS, taking over the position held for the past 22 years by Elaine DiCicco, who retired in June. After only one week on the job, DuLong agreed to discuss his initial impressions and goals with the Mosquito. Following are excerpts from the interview...more

Carlisle Police Chief David Galvin told the Mosquito on Monday that no charges would be filed in connection with the September 2 motorcycle accident that resulted in the death of Carlisle resident and conservation commissioner Eric Jensen...more

Town administrator Madonna McKenzie asked the selectmen on September 11 to authorize a request that Sprint and other telecom companies perform tests on the following town-owned land parcels to determine suitability for locating cell towers:..more

The Carlisle Council on Aging (COA) was informed last week that the Sleeper Community Room at the elderly housing complex on Church Street has been closed to service of food as well as use of the room by community groups such as the Boy Scouts, the recreation commission and the men's breakfast. This decision was handed down by the board of directors of the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association after learning that a Food Service Permit, modification of the Sleeper Room kitchen and additional liability insurance would have to be obtained to continue current use...more

Sometimes the best way to find something of value in your attic is to ask someone else to sort through the clutter. That's the approach the Carlisle Historical Society took when it brought in experienced archivist Melissa Mannon to conduct an inventory of the town's collections...more

Carlisle's police force mustered their resources this week to deal with what may be aptly described as a "cow flap." At 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, September 18, Neils Larsen looked out of his Concord Street window and shouted, "There's a cow walking down Bingham Road!"..more

On September 17, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) informed the Carlisle Board of Health that a crow found on Brook Street on September 8 tested positive for West Nile virus. Since June, the board of health has followed up on twelve calls reporting dead or sick birds, with the majority of calls occurring in early September. Four birds were submitted for testing at the State Laboratory Institute. One bird tested positive, one tested negative, and two reports are still pending. The birds submitted included a sparrow, a chickadee and two crows. They were found near Brook Street, Acton Street, Bingham Road, and Barnes Place...more

If your occupation or lifestyle leads you to spend much of your time in the woods or amongst high grasses and bushes, you should consider discussing the Lyme disease vaccine with your physician. The vaccine, marketed under the trade name LYMErix, received FDA approval several years ago...more

Jeff Brown, president of the Carlisle Education Foundation, has been involved in planning and organizing the Pig 'n Pepper Harvest Festival for the past eight years. This is his second year as co-chair of the event. The 11th annual Pig 'n Pepper, which takes place Columbus Day weekend at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Westford, offers a variety of family-fun activities, music, and great barbecue. All proceeds benefit the Carlisle and Westford Public Schools...more

"It seems to me that the board of selectmen has asked you to confirm whether [Hutchins Road] has been constructed correctly," David Freedman of Hutchins Road commented at the September 10 planning board meeting. Freedman was noting the board's reluctance to take any action on the request by the selectmen to accept the Tall Pines roadways...more

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