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Friday, September 21, 2001


Sleeper Room closed to food service and community use

The Carlisle Council on Aging (COA) was informed last week that the Sleeper Community Room at the elderly housing complex on Church Street has been closed to service of food as well as use of the room by community groups such as the Boy Scouts, the recreation commission and the men's breakfast. This decision was handed down by the board of directors of the Carlisle Elderly Housing Association after learning that a Food Service Permit, modification of the Sleeper Room kitchen and additional liability insurance would have to be obtained to continue current use.

Apparently these events were initiated when a member of the COA complained to the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) that the Sleeper Room did not have a dishwasher. The BOH informed the elderly housing site manager that in order to serve food, the Sleeper Room needed a Food Service Permit. Upon review of state and federal regulations, it became apparent that the required modifications would be extensive and expensive, including installation of a commercial kitchen, purchase of food service insurance and the designation of a food service manager. The kitchen would need to undergo state inspection twice a year.

The elderly housing board has asked their insurance carrier to determine if it would be acceptable to allow food service for a large group if the food is prepared elsewhere and there is no use of the kitchen. The board also noted that each church in Carlisle has a kitchen which meets state requirements.

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