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Friday, September 21, 2001

Friends and Neighbors

Memorial service J. Richard Wright

Connie Wright of Peter Hans Road and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, the wife of the late Richard Wright, has informed the Mosquito that a memorial service will be held for her husband at 11 a.m., Saturday, September 29, at the Congregational Church of North Edgecomb, Maine. The church is located on the Cross Point Road.

· A fond farewell to longtime Carlisleans! Dave and Cathy Comstock of Pine Brook Road have moved to Winchester. Dave was chairman of the Carlisle Household Waste Committee for the last six years and stepped down in June because he was about to move. "While working with Dave this last year on the waste committee on projects such as hazardous waste day, the mercury thermometer swap, and styrofoam drop-off day, he has shown unusual enthusiasm and diligence," says Dan Scholten of the household waste committee. "Conservation means more than acquiring and preserving town landit means conserving all of our natural resources by a combination of reducing use, reusing, and recycling."

· Jean and Burt Buckborough of Nowell Farme Road will be moving to the greater Phoenix area later this year.

Jean, a resident of Carlisle for the past 31 years, was an active member of the Carlisle community throughout that time. Among her many activities, she served as president of the Carlisle chapter of the League of Women Voters, was one of the founders of the Red Balloon Nursery School and served as moderator for Carlisle Candidates Night before town elections.

Burt Buckborough, a resident of Carlisle for 11 years, was a member of the Carlisle Board of Assessors for nine years, before taking a position as administrator for the Maynard Conservation Commission.

Both Jean and Burt have been active members of the Lutheran Church of the Savior in Bedford.

It is members of our community like the Comstocks and the Buckboroughs who have given their time and energy to activities in town that make Carlisle such a special place to live.

'Are You OK?' system announced

The Council on Aging and Carlisle Police Department announce a new free-of-charge daily telephone calling system designed to check on your safety.

Here's how it works The program is designed for older adults who have a need to be checked on daily. At the same time each day you will be receiving a call. When you answer the phone, you will hear a recorded voice say, "Good Morning, are you okay?" If you are okay, simply hang up. It is important to understand that this service is not intended to replace Lifeline but may be used in conjunction with other such programs. Remember, in any emergency situation, you can always dial 911.

What happens if I do not answer the phone? If your telephone line is busy, or if there is no answer, the system will call back two more times. If there is still no answer or the line stays busy, the police dispatcher will send a police officer to check on you.

What if my door is locked? When you become a subscriber to the "Are You OK?"program you will be asked to leave a key with the police department or identify other key holders who may assist in an emergency situation. The police will only enter your home if there is reason to believe you are in trouble, and this decision will be made by a supervisor.

What if I am away? If you plan on being away from home for any reason during the hour you have selected to be called, you must notify the police department so that they may disconnect and reconnect the phone call service for the length of time you have instructed. This may include vacations, holidays, or merely shopping trips.

When can I be called? The "Are you OK?" calls are made in the morning between 8 and 10 a.m. Then seven days a week you will routinely receive your call at the same time each morning.

How do I request the service? If you wish to sign up, or you would like to speak with someone about the program, call the COA office at 1-978-371-2895. There is a simple one-page form to fill out with a COA representative identifying next of kin, a friend or neighbor who may have a key, your doctor and any important medical information which you think the police may need to know in an emergency. This information will be held in confidence at the police station and will not be disclosed, except to the extent necessary to assist you.

This program is funded through generous donations from the Friends of the Carlisle COA and The Nichols Foundation.

Travel experiences were very different

To the Editor:

I was away last week so I did not read Mrs. Brako's dismaying article until this week. I am sorry that her expectations, attitude and travel selection made her trip disappointing. My experiences in the Strasbourg area were just the opposite.

Neither my husband nor I speak German or French, but we did not find that a problem when we took the overnight train from Vienna to Strasbourg. We spent a day exploring Strasbourg and had a very delicious lunch at a small but crowded storefront restaurant.

Then, on the advice of the French luggage attendant at the railroad station who said a cab would be too costly, we took a bus to our hotel in Obernai. No one spoke English on the bus or at the hotel, but everyone was extremely friendly, and tried hard to make us understand so they could help us. We managed very nicely and plan to repeat this trip in the future.

The food in Obernai was the best I have eaten anywhere including Paris. I realize that Obernai and Strasburg are both French, although German was the second language of most of the people we met. But my experiences in Germany have been just as good. The people were very friendly, although more spoke English than in Alsace, and the food was very good although not as good as it was in Obernai.

When traveling outside the states, your attitude has a lot to do with your experience. I find the people of Paris among the friendliest, despite stories to the contrary. I have never been anywhere, including Budapest, East Berlin and rural Northern Italy, where the people have not been very patient with my limited language skills and very willing to help me find my way, locate a good restaurant or even order a meal to suit my tastes.

I am sorry Mrs. Brako did not have the opportunity to get to know the people of Germany and Alsace and to wander off the controlled path of her tour. She missed a chance at a wonderful experience.

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