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Friday, September 14, 2001


Nineteenth Century "advice author," Lydia Maria Child cautioned mothers of the 1830s: "With regard to dress, as in most other cases, a medium between two extremes is desirable. A love of finery and display is a much more common fault than neglect of personal appearance; both should be avoided." (The Mother's Book, 1831, p. 125)..more

Have you ever noticed that black-and-white photographs usually lend credibility to their content? Items photographed seem to portray historical accuracy and almost have an archival nature. Black-and-white photographs appear more real than the flashy and colorful conglomerations created by digital cameras today. Well, be prepared to set aside any such preconceptions when viewing the work of fine art photographer Carol Krauss...more

Please, I beg. Please let things feel normal again, just for a little while...more

Rugged. Remote. Vast. Challenging. These words took on vivid meaning for the Scouts who went backpacking in Southwestern Montana this August. For a week, the group explored the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area in the Madison Range of the Rocky Mountains. They also ventured into Yellowstone National Park to witness the geothermal activity...more

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