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Friday, September 14, 2001


Carlisle Boy Scouts backpack in Montana

Rugged. Remote. Vast. Challenging. These words took on vivid meaning for the Scouts who went backpacking in Southwestern Montana this August. For a week, the group explored the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area in the Madison Range of the Rocky Mountains. They also ventured into Yellowstone National Park to witness the geothermal activity.

The expedition was organized by leader Bill Reed, who wanted to acquaint the Scouts with this magnificent part of our country. "Through countless fishing trips, I have grown to love Montana. I knew the boys would appreciate this experience and would be wide-eyed at the scenery and vistas... Given the rigor of the trip, I limited it to high-school-aged boys possessing advanced levels of maturity, strength and endurance."

Each person carried his own pack with all equipment and freeze-dried food. They slept in tents or under the stars where the second adult leader, Bob Stone, commented, "Imagine, sleeping under the stars without a single mosquito!" Following game paths, they hiked trails that even the National Forest Service didn't know existed. Bob noted, "Years of backpacking with the troop in New England held the boys in good stead. They handled themselves impressively."

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