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Friday, August 31, 2001


Some town residents are eager for high-speed Internet access from almost any source, but the Carlisle Cable Advisory Committee (CCAC) has been frustrated in trying to make "broadband" services a condition of renewing the AT&T cable television license, which expires this October. ...more

Who will be Carlisle's newest landowner and the lucky bidder on Lot #10 Carriage Way? We will know on September 4, 2001 at 12:00 noon. No matter who the lucky bidder is, the Town of Carlisle is the real winner. The money made on this sale will be placed in the town's stabilization fund. ...more

On August 14 the Carlisle Cable Advisory Committee held a public hearing on renewing AT&T's license to continue providing cable services in town, recently transferred from Nashoba Cable and Cablevision. Summarized here is what the town asked the company to do to renew the license, and what the company accepted and refused. ...more

The computer industry has adopted some terms like broadband and bandwidth from radio. Historically, the "band" in these words actually refers to the spectrum of radio waves; in radio broadcasting broadband means "operating at, responsive to, or comprising a wide band of frequencies," according to Merriam Webster. If you have a license to broadcast in an 8MHz range, your bandwidth is twice as large as that of someone who can only broadcast in a 4MHz range. ...more

The Town of Carlisle has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting bids for repairs at the Cranberry Bog House at 750 Curve Street, in exchange for use of the building's third floor. The first and second floors are leased to Carlisle Cranberries, Inc. for storage of farm and harvesting equipment. The third floor has recently been used as living quarters. ...more

"We reject your offer." Planning board chairman Michael Abend addressed this remark at the August 20 meeting to Michael Valchuis and his attorney Howard Speicher, regarding their proposed maintenance agreement for Berry Corner Lane, a private drive. Abend continued, "We want to have an enforceable maintenance agreement." ...more

Deviations from the approved plans for the Maplewood subdivision brought owner and developer Robert Koning before two town boards this month. ...more

The conservation commission gave a final go-ahead for two "continued" applications that involved construction in major wetland buffer areas. ...more

The Gleason Public Library is celebrating its first year in the expanded and renovated building. Usage has certainly increased, and circulation of books and other items is running an average of 50 percent higher than it was at the Carlisle Institute and 10 percent higher than in previous years. ...more

Organizing important information in busy lives is important. To help students stay on top of schedules filled with academic responsibilities as well as fun activities, the CCHS Class of 2004 is selling planning books as a class fundraiser. These CCHS planners will be on sale for $7 at the high school during freshman orientation on Wednesday, September 5 and during the first day of school for all grades on Thursday, September 6. Checks may be made out to CCHS Class of '04. Planners that have been pre-ordered will be available for pick-up on those days as well. ...more

More than 170 children participated in "Passport to the Caribbean," the Gleason Library Summer Reading Program. The six-week program, supervised by Children's Librarian Marty Seneta, also included a story time for pre-schoolers and a special evening toddler program for the very young, conducted by Shirley Pearlman. The library was beautifully decorated by Kay Edelberg, who also directed the craft workshops producing feather flowers and woven fish mobiles. ...more

The annual fall teacher's luncheon will be held at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 11. The Carlisle School Association luncheons (held in the fall and the spring) are much anticipated and appreciated by all Carlisle Public Schools staff. These luncheons have only been successful due to the efforts of numerous volunteers who have provided an array of delicious foods and drinks, or who have been able to help with set-up, serving, and/or clean-up for this event. ...more

The Sixth Grade Spaghetti Supper needs your help. Do you have tickets to a sporting or cultural event you don't intend to use? Can you provide a gift certificate for a favorite restaurant, store, or other service? Can you contribute new sports equipment, toys, electronics, or other gift items? We are looking for donations for our raffle, which takes place during the Spaghetti Supper on October 2. Proceeds from the raffle help finance Class of 2004 activities, including outdoor education, the seventh-grade play, and graduation. Support a sixth-grader you know by contacting Janet Ligor at 1-978-369-0809 or

Over 250 participants enjoyed the Carlisle Recreation Programs this summer. Almost 200 individuals participated in program offerings ranging from preschoolers' first swim lessons, Summer Fun DayCamp for children entering grades K-4 and a variety of classes for children entering grades 4-8, including pottery, archery, canoeing, tennis, horseback riding and video class. Another 20 young teenagers, anticipating future employment, took baby-sitting and pet-care classes, water-safety-aide or counselor-in-training classes. In addition, 40 older teens worked as swim instructors and camp counselors during the six weeks of the summer programs. ...more

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