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Friday, August 31, 2001


Library's 'Passport to the Caribbean' concludes

More than 170 children participated in "Passport to the Caribbean," the Gleason Library Summer Reading Program. The six-week program, supervised by Children's Librarian Marty Seneta, also included a story time for pre-schoolers and a special evening toddler program for the very young, conducted by Shirley Pearlman. The library was beautifully decorated by Kay Edelberg, who also directed the craft workshops producing feather flowers and woven fish mobiles.

The kick-off performance "Caribbean for Kids" was funded by the Friends of the Gleason Library. Participatory singing and the Limbo were enjoyed by the children. The Carlisle Cultural Council generously provided funding for two performers. Roger Tincknell entertained with stories and ethnic songs. Alicia Quintano presented "How the Stars Came to Be."

The six-week reading program concluded with certificates, awards and scavenger hunts. Special book prizes were awarded to third-grader Sloane Brazina and fourth-grader Kristen Kiel in recognition for their reading. Lucky book prizes went to third-grader Tommy Veitch and fourth-grader Vittoria Munroe. Fifth-grader Sarah Mathew and sixth-grader Brittany Fay were awarded achievement book prizes. Lucky book prizes went to fifth-grader Lauren Means and sixth-grader Philip Dumka. The winners of the "Guess the Number of Goldfish" contest were Anna Ringheiser and Gabriel Rocco.

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