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Friday, August 31, 2001


Gleason Library begins a 'quiet' campaign

The Gleason Public Library is celebrating its first year in the expanded and renovated building. Usage has certainly increased, and circulation of books and other items is running an average of 50 percent higher than it was at the Carlisle Institute and 10 percent higher than in previous years.

Progress is being made on some challenges for the new building the final "breaking in" of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, the landscaping project soon to begin, and efforts to improve the use of the first floor for varying activities.

The popularity and busyness of the library is gratifying, but some of these activities tend to be noisier and disruptive to patrons who are reading magazines and newspapers or researching. The public access computers in the first floor Tech Center have been extremely popular for after-school use; reference and business research happens in the reference print collection and on the Internet; and residents are enjoying browsing in the new book section and meeting neighbors in the lobby or stairway.

To enlist the cooperation of patrons, the library is launching a "quiet" public relations campaign. The campaign reminds staff and patrons that library space is shared by visitors with varying needs for the library services, all of which can happen in a quieter environment. Lowering voices and turning off cell phones are a good start for the campaign.

Additional study carrels and seating on the second floor are also available, away from the activity of the circulation desk and lobby, for patrons who want to settle down with a good book or work on an assignment.

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